Dream Came True With Mami – Part 3


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Morning 8.20.

I was feeling like I had achieved something great. That happiness was there in my face. Remembering everything happened in last night made my dick harder. Opened my eyes and saw beside. None were there. I think Maami and her mother were in kitchen as I was hearing vessels sound. I started thinking about last night and my Dirty mind started speaking.

Dirty mind: “See.. you saw your hot maamis milky thighs, white panty.. you hugged her.. you touched her boobs and tummy and very important, she made you to masturbate with the help of her..! you lucky fellow.. you did it”

I was feeling proud about myself that my dream is about to come true. Suddenly my Wisdom mind said something.

Wisdom mind: “Hey fool, you ruined the dream. You would have not done all these”

Dirty mind: “What is foolishness here? It all happened in real. If he would listen to you, he could not feel his maami. Prove what ruined uh?”

Wisdom mind: “In the beginning it went well. Later you thought of touching her. And then acted stupidly. At the end you showed your hard penis to her which was not needed”
Dirty mind: Soo?

Wisdom mind: “That’s what people say, ‘Kaamaturanam naa lajjam naa bhayam’. You dirty mind doesn’t have shame nor fear. Have you observed the last scene? Check it”

• You showed your penis. By seeing that maami will start thinking that this boy is grown up and I should maintain the distance

• Maami made you to masturbate with her help. That doesn’t mean she wanted to see your ejaculation and enjoy. She brought you to her house and if her mother get up and see you like that, it will be great embarrassment to you and maami. So she found the easy and natural way to close the dirty situation.

• You fool.. you said ‘Maami Maami’ while ejaculating. That’s where you ruined exactly. She came to know that you dream about her with lust.

• Did you observe? While you cleaned yourself and came back to bed, maami was fully rapped in blanket. Because she thought about what all happened. Her dresses were not proper, you said her name while ejaculating. So she was aware and kept herself rapped in blanket. That’s it.. you ruined it


Dirty mind escaped by saying “Nothing like that. Just forget and lead on”

I lost my hardness and started thinking what all happened is good or bad..! (Usually this types of conversation happens inside everybody. So mentioned)

8.35 AM

I got up in thinking of the points of dirty and wisdom mind and entered hall.

Maami (Smilingly): Good morning. Did you sleep aramse?

I was like ‘Aree what all happened last night was real or dream? Maami is so cool’

Me: Haa maami. It was nice (Smilingly)

Maamis mother: Ok beta, go and brush.. first have coffee. I said ok aunty and went to sinkby taking my tooth brush. Maami came and gave me tooth paste and went to kitchen. I brushed and reading newspaper in hall. Maami came and gave coffee and sat opposite to me.

Maami: Ok maddu, you get ready and have break fast. If you want go to field with my father. And make sure that you come back at 1 o clock. So we can leave at 2 o clock.

Maamis mother: Aree.. stay today also. Tomorrow you can go

Maami: No maa. Sumith has school tomorrow. My hubby is also asking to come soon. Her mom said ok.

Me: Ok mami. I will go to field with uncle. Maami smiled and said ok

Me: Maaamiii.. Toilet??

She smiled and said: Backside of house dear. You go there and I will take bath and keep hot water for you. I agreed and went to toilet.

As everybody do, I decided in toilet that what all happened is happened. At least I got wonderful memories. Lets see what happens.

Finished and came out and sat in hall. Maami finished her bath and came out with towel and went to the only room where we had slept last night.

AAhh First time saw my maami in towel..!

Maami From inside: Madduu.. I have kept hot water for you in bathroom. Go and take bath. I said Ok maami. I went near bathroom and remembered its not my room to walk naked and thought of taking towel. But maami was there in room. Her mother was busy in kitchen. I thought of peeking inside and if maami is dressed, I can ask my towel. I went near door and door was not closed properly.

Maami was drying her self by showing back to door. Ohhh god I saw her naked back. So broad and white. I had never seen my maami like this. I was afraid and came near bathroom door. Again couldn’t control and went near bedroom door to see maami. She was about to wear petticoat and I saw her beautiful ass for 2 seconds and she completed wearing that. OOhhh that 2 seconds..! I saw her beautiful ass completely and her naked back. I just ran to bathroom and closed the door. Thrown all my clothes and became naked. Slamming my hard cock like anything by thinking that 2 seconds.

Ahhhh mmm Maaamiii aaahh MMm Ahhh

I saw the nighty and panty of my hot maami on bathroom corner. Grabbed her panty and started sniffing it. That aroma made me mad and I started stroking cock with pace. I was visualizing about maami and her body. In a minute I ejaculated and emptied my sperm storage. Strange happiness and guilty feeling. I took bath and came outside. Had breakfast and went out with Maamis father to his fields. Ya it was green village blessed with nature and peace. I came out from my lust world for few hours and enjoyed.

1.0O PM. We came back to home. Maami was almost ready with new saree and packed bag.

Maami: Areey Maddu.. Don’t want to return to college uh? Smiled

Me: Ohh no option na maai.. We should

Maamis father: Maddu.. Now you know the way to our house. So keep on coming whenever you want. Don’t wait for your maami.

Maami: Oh hoo.. you both became good friend in few hours.. acha

We all laughed. Maami said “Maddu, bus is at 2. So we should finish off the lunch soon” I agreed and we finished in half an hour. Both took blessings from elders and came out. Bus stand was walk able distance and me, maami and her dad walked. Maami said “Don’t worry, afternoon buses wont be rush” and smiled. I was started thinking “Ohh I missed some more touches because of empty buses”. Bus came at right time and not even half bus was filled. Me and Maami sat in 3 seater and reached our place at 4.30PM.

As it was Sunday, Mama was in house with sumith(Maami son). They welcomed us happily. Maami became fresh and made tea to all. Maami said, “Maddu helped a lot. He became close to papa and maa also”. Mama said “Areey wah. That’s good news for me. So Maddu, its your duty to take your maami to her parents place whenever required” and laughed. Maami showed false anger and said “Ya, you don’t want to come to my parents house na.. Maddu.. don’t worry, we can go again and again” we laughed and I was more happy inside. After tea, I came to my palace which was in terrace. As I was tired I slept off in evening.

Days were going.. nothing khaas happened.. I kept on dreaming about maami and ejaculating.

After some days, one jaatra(Fare) came to our city. It was kind of big sale where you can buy clothes, furniture, toys, needful items for house and so many food stalls. It was sumiths demand to visit there. But mama was busy so mami asked me whether we can visit that fare. I was so happy and said ‘yes mami’.

Next day, sumith’s school left at 5pm and he had tuition from 6 to 8. Mami said today don’t go to tuition and he was happy. Mami called and said “Maddu.. Be ready at 6, so we 3 can go to fare. I was watching porn at that time and I closed it and started getting ready. While getting ready, I was thinking like “Oh no reaction from maami after coming back here. Whether that was a dream which happened in her parents house? Oh I need some more moments like that” Again maamis call. I thought maami is ready and waiting for me down.

So I cut the call and got ready and ran down in 2 minutes. In door, Sumith was playing and he was ready. He smiled and continued playing. Door was open and I entered inside. Maami was not there in hall. I saw in bedroom and she was getting ready. Ohh god. She is trying to hook her bra and she is just on petticoat and bra. I kept on peeking in cover and started rubbing my penis over jeans. She was succeeded in hooking bra and took blouse.

I came to hall and called, “Maami, are you ready?” From room, she said “Haa.. 2 minutes”. Intentionally I went near door and asked “Maami you called to my phone? And stood near bedroom door. I thought if she will be shocked, so I will say sorry and come back to hall. But for my surprise she was not shocked. She said “Haa.. I had called to get ready fast as its cloudy outside” she dint try to cover anything and continued with arranging her saree. Oh god, she is standing in front of me on blouse and petticoat. Her boobs size is visible, her super navel is visible. I was scanning her without her knowledge from door.

She finished her dressing and asked “how I am looking?” I said”The best, as always”. She smiled and said “Thank you and chalo now”. We three went in auto. Ya Fare was good with crowd and so many stalls. Sumith was happy and asked chocolates in the first stall itself. I bought and gave him but maami was telling no, don’t buy.

We started seeing shops one by one as types of shops were there. As crowd was increasing, Maami saw me and asked to hold the hands. I hold her hands as I never get that chance. She said “Arrey not my hand, Sumith’s hand” and laughed. I said “Ya I will hold his as well as yours, what shall I answer to mama if you miss in crowd?” and dint leave her hand.

She just smiled and moved ahead. Yeah I was holding my sweet maamis hand in public and walking. She was happy and giving explanation about each shop like vegetable cutter stall, table cloth and curtain stall. Next nighty stall was there. By seeing that we saw each other’s face and smiled. I said “Maami, your favorite cloth.. Don’t want to check out”? She said, “Chalo we can see”. We went and types of nighties were there.

While she was checking out, I saw a nighty which was hanged. Silky material with deepest neck and deep back. It was bit exposing type of nighty. I touched my maamis shoulder and showed that and said, “That is nice. Isn’t that?” Her eyes became big and smilingly she said “Your mama doesn’t allow normal nighty and you are thinking me in that”

I smiled and said “it suits you so shown”. She smiled and said in ear “You take it for your wife” and laughed. We came out with empty hand from that shop. I was telling maami to buy something. Buy this, buy that and next shop was bra and panty and suddenly I said buy that..!! she said smilingly with blush “You naughty” she said another word “I have many now”

I was shocked. Just now I asked maami to buy bra and panty and she said she has..!! I was in full josh and hold her hand. She dint say anything. There was a stall of gobi and noodles. Sumith asked to eat that. Even mami wanted to eat that. So we went and ate nicely. And she said “Maddu… ask him to parcel a fried rice for your mama.. I won’t cook today” I smiled and said ok maami. Maami dint allow me to pay and she paid. Its 2 mins distance to catch auto and suddenly it started raining with big drops.

I asked mami and sumith to run till auto stand. We almost ran but no auto was there. We stood under a big tree. We were completely drenched in a minute as rain force was heavy. And people gathered under same tree and it was full rush. So infront of me mami, mamis front sumith was standing. As it was rush mami was feeling uncomfortable.

So I hold sumiths shoulder who was standing infront of mami. So I was holding my mami also who was standing in middle. She smiled by seeing me. Ohh rain became more and crowd were also increased. Yeah I started touching my maami. Her full back was touching me as it was crowded. So obviously my hard cock is touching her soft ass. And my hands are around her waist. So lightly I was rubbing my penis to her ass over saree. An auto came and stood near us. But no crowd was going get in.

Maami turned towards me and asked shall we go in that auto. I said rain and she said we are already wet. I said ok chalo. We ran and sat inside auto and he dropped us to our house with high charges. Sumith was sitting in middle so nothing happened in auto.

We reached house at 8.15 and entered the house. We three were drenched. Maami called mama and asked where he is? He said I am still in shop and it raining heavily here. Maami said your mama is in shop and started drying her son. I was watching her drenched body and feeling that. So her son was dried with new clothes. As he was tired and had his food in fare, he just lied on sofa. Mami brought a towel and gave me and asked to get dry.

She saw sumith and said “Bechara so gaya”. And went to her bedroom and I knew that she went to change the dress. Climate and my maami had made my penis hard. I went near room and peeked. She was removing her blouse as it was wet. She was about to remove her bra also and I was excited to see her partial boobs at least annnnnnd current went..!!

“Madduu.. madduu.. Bring the torch” Maami. Suddenly a very bad monster idea came to me. I opened my mobile, opened camara, kept in video mode, started recording, so flash was on..!! entered the room. Maami said “lower the light maddu, I am not dressed” so I lowered and kept my mobile on dressing table exactly opposite to where she was changing dress. Dint even see back and came out of room. My heart was thumping.

I kept camara for video recording inside where my maami was changing dress..!! so I can see her beautiful boobs. Aaannndd nipples..! and even I was thinking what to do if she took the cell after changing the dress. I was afraid and thought of going and standing near door. When she is wearing saree I can enter. When I peeked, she was wearing new blouse. So I asked “May I come in mami?” She turned towards me and said “yes please” smilingly. First I went to my mobile and took it.

Maami: Arrey still I need it. I need to rap my saree

Me: Ohh ok ok carry on. I took cell and sat on her bed. And still it was recording. As maami allowed me in evening to watch while she was wearing blouse, she will allow me while dressing with her saree. I was confident. So started scanning again and we were talking casual talks.

Me: Heavy rain mami

Mami: yaa heavy rain.

Me: I am completely drenched. Even my underwear is also wet.

Mami: yaa even mine..!

She said that in hurry and saw my face and we both laughed. Oh I don’t believe this. We are talking about panty. So I wanted to continue it.

Me: No problem. You have many na

Again we started laughing. She finished her dressing and came near me and pinched my hand and said “you became more naughty nowadays” while touching she saw my wet clothes and asked to change to mamas dress. I said its ok maami, I will go to my room and change mami” she said ok. I said Good night and ran like horse to my room to watch that video.

Unlocked the room, thrown all my clothes and became nude and jumped on my bed. Unlocked the mobile and my hands were shivering literally.

I went to gallery..

Opened the video..

Its playing..


Maami removed her bra. Her beautiful boobs jumped out. Ohhh I am seeing the great boobs of my maami. Perfect round and stiff boobs. She just wiped her bare boobs with hand. Just saw back and saw the bedroom door whether I was there. Turned aside and holding her nipples and smiled herself. Oh god I am seeing my hot maami topless, and that ‘turned back and smile’ made me mad. Started thinking like whether she was expecting me to enter the room..!! Friends I don’t want to hide, as I saw my maami topless, I was damn excited. Not even 5 strokes, I leaked sperm.

So now I saw my maami topless and her naughty reaction in video. So I became damn confident and accelerated. That I will tell in next part. Yeah The next part will make you mad.As it is my first story I need your support, guidance and feedback. (Especially Hot aunts and bold gals). Expecting feedback which will motivate me to post my next part soon. So ping me at / <> /

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Dream Came True With Mami – Part 3


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