Dream Came True With Mami Part 5

Hii Hii Hii.. Its Madan here..

I apologies for the delay. I was damn busy in my professional life. I had been to Delhi with my team and I couldn’t get much time to write story. Sorry for making you people wait. But I came to know how much eagerly you were waiting for my story by seeing your feedback. I thank each of you for your valuable feedback and off course to your patience. So back to story.

If I summarize the entire story, Maami became very close to me and Mama trusts me as I helped him to earn huge money in commodity and equity market (I dint mention this as it was not part of story). Neighbors think that I am very good boy. So everything was perfect and I was moving towards my destination with steady pace.

I was good at studies and my first semester result was excellent and I had good impression in college. So I was not worried to attend all classes. I just wanted to spend more time with my sweet maami when she is alone.

Usually at 9AM Maama used to go to shop and Sumith to school. So I used to enter their house at 9.30. That day also I went at 9.30.

Me: Maami.. Maami..

Maami: (From Kitchen) Oh Maddu.. College?

Me: (Going towards kitchen) Ayo Boring college Maami

I saw her and she was preparing something in front of stove. She was in her exposing nighty. How to describe her!! Nighty fitting was perfect. I can see her curves. Ass and back was perfect. I just stood behind her by keeping my both hands on her shoulder, “So what my maami is doing?”

Maami: Some rice was left. So making Puliogare dear.

I kept my hands on her waist and bent front to smell the puliogare. My intention was to touch maami maximum. She said “Arey Maddu.. What you doing?”, Me “Super smell Maami”
Maami: Yeah, prepared my me na (Laughingly)

My hands on her waist were searching her panty elastic but I dint find.

Me: Maami, you are not wearing any panty?

Maami: You naughty.. Suddenly shifted from Puliogare to Panty? started laughing

I took chance and started touching her ass and acting like I am searching her panty. What a soft hips. I was enjoying that.

Maami: Hey.. Leave it.. I am wearing panty (Smiled and pushed me)

Me: Don’t lie.. I dint find any elastic there

Maami: Madduu.. Its different panty. Wearing after so many months. Thin material

Me: But you never showed me this na

Maami with blush: Shut up… You want me to show my all clothes to you?

Me: Yaa.. Please show na

Maami: Not now.. Hey Maddu go and check whether water is hot to take bath.

Me: Hmm I will be waiting to see that..

I went to bathroom and checked water. It was hot. Said maami that its hot.

She too came to bathroom with towel and her bra panty and kept them in bathroom hanger.

Maami: Ok on the tap.

I made it on and we both again came to kitchen. Maami kept break fast aside and asked me to wait till I finish bath so we both can have breakfast. And asked to off the tap in bathroom. I ran and made it off. Suddenly a wicked idea came to mind and I took the towel which was in bathroom and kept it in bedroom. Maami came and said me to watch tv for 10 mins. I agreed and she went to take bath.

I made tv on and came and stood near bathroom door. Only sound of water. I kissed the bathroom door passionately. Now water sound was stopped. I just came to her bedroom and sat on her bed silently.

Maami form bathroom: Madduu .. Maddduu

I dint reply

Maami: Madduu.. Towel please. I dint reply.

One minute she waited there and thought I went upstairs to my room. Opened the bathroom door and slowly came to bedroom. I was not even blinking my eyes and watching bedroom door to see maami. Ohh god. She entered. Only on panty and bra. Full body is still wet. She has a bit tummy but it was looking damn sexy. She dint do waxing to her legs and she had very sexy legs. As you know her boobs were perfect. My eyes became wild and seeing her.

Maami was careless till she saw me and she was stunned to see me there and she was standing like that only for 2 seconds. Later she immediately ran to bathroom.

Its my turn to handle the situation. I started laughing and said “maami I made you fool again”

Maami: With bit serious tone: Stupid. Give the towel.

Me: Show me that thin panty.

Maami: Not now. Give me towel.

I understood by her tone that she is angry now. So gave the towel. She came out after 2 mins and rammed the bedroom door. I was like dumb fellow. I felt like I would have not done this. I went and sat in hall. After 10 mins maami came and sat beside me.

Maami: Go and have breakfast

Me: Your breakfast maami?

Maami: I am not hungry. You have

I understood that maami is angry. She never talked like this till now. I asked her “Sorry maami, I was just teasing you”

Maami: I know maddu. But what happened now is not good.

Me: Sorry sorry.. But don’t take it seriously

Maami: Maddu.. First time someone saw me like this other than your maama. I am really embarrassed.

Me: Ya I understand maami. But listen to me, I don’t have any close friends here other than you. You are the only person who listens, care and guide me. So I was teasing you. And Trust me, I don’t have any bad intentions

I played a sentimental card and I had full of bad intentions in my mind. Maami was bit relaxed now

Me: what all happens between us will be secret. I don’t talk about our friendship outside. So don’t worry.. Just move on. I am just your very good friend maami

Maami smilingly: Hmm.. I trust you maddu. You are my one and only best friend.

I handled the situation successfully. And asked “So give me a hug”.

She hugged me with true care but I hugged with full of lust.

Me: By the way, you are so sexy in bra and panty

We were still in hugging position and she said blushingly “Right now forget that”

Me: What a figure, what a curve, what a…

Maami: What a….? What?

Me: You asked to forget na.. So forgot now.

She hit on my back and said Thank you and have breakfast now.

She moved towards kitchen and I followed her by seeing her hips. She was putting breakfast to plate and I hugged her from behind and said “Sorry maami, I hurt you” She was still putting into plates and said “Its ok dear. I forgot it and you too forget it”

I was literally hugging her from backside and she is thinking that I am guilty and doing this.

Me: By the way, you wearing panty now? My hands were on her hips and lightly pressing.

Maami: Shut up.. Always I wear (smiled)

She took plate and we came to hall and ate that by watching some tv serial.

She said, “So whats your next plan? Studying?

Me: No maami.. I will take rest

Maami: Then help me in washing clothes and laughed.

Me: Okk

Maami: I was kidding dear. Ok help me by giving company while I wash.

So we both went upstairs and she arranged to wash the clothes. I opened my room and took chair and sat in front of her.

Maami: Is this the movie? You are sitting and watching?

Me: Hehe.. You want me to sit like you on floor?

Maami: Sit however you like

She became busy in her work and I started scanning her body. Started seeing her legs, cleavage and bouncing boobs. There were casual talks but my complete focus was on her body. While washing clothes, she showed that thin panty to me. Ya it was very thin material. I hanged it for drying.

It was 11.30 and Maami was about to finish her washing work.

Maami: For this Diwali, We should take a washing machine

I was thinking if she takes washing machine, I may miss the chances to see her like this.

Me: Maamii.. Still you are 37. You don’t need washing machine.

Maami: Madduu You are like your maama. You are ready to see me dying but don’t buy washing machine na

Me: Die? People die if they wash clothes by hand?

Maami: Fool. Nowadays I am getting back pain dear. Its killing me almost.

To be frank I never knew about her problem as I was looking her with only lust.

Me: Ohh really? You never told that to me na maami

Maami: Hehe.. You are doctor?

Something came in my mind and I said, “I am not doctor but I have read several books on Human body structure and pains”

Maami: Soo?

Me: Finish this work and come down. I will give you treatment.

Maami: No need dear. Its ok

Me: I will be waiting down. Come fast. I ran down

Maami came after 15 mins. I was sitting on sofa. She just smiled

Me: So ready?

Maami: Ready for what???

Me: For treatment. I am your doctor and you are my patient.

Maami: Thank you for your concern dear. But its ok. Now I am fine.

Me: How dare you to talk against doctor?

Maami: Hehe

Me: Get into check up room.

Maami: Where is check up room in my house? Hehe

Me: Maaamii.. you don’t listen to me na.. I placed my hands on her shoulders from back side and pushed her till bedroom.

Me: Maami, you need a oil massage now.

Maami: Shut up. Just now I took bath and you are talking about oil massage.

Yes I would have not jumped to oil massage directly. I controlled myself and said “ok then what treatment you want now”?

Maami: Areey.. Nothing. Leave me and started laughing.

Me: I will massage your back with my dry hands

Maami: No need

Me: Doctor knows what is needed.

I forcefully made her to ly on bed. She was lying on her stomach now. I don’t believe that I made her to ly on her bed, where she ly naked with maama. She is in her exposing nighty. I literally sat on her ass now. Wooww.. Great feeling. Soft hips.

Maami: You know maddu, when you were kid, you had sit on my back and called me horse.

Oh god.. She was becoming sentimental and I was becoming horny.

Me: Yaa.. you are my horse and I will ride you

Maami: Hehe

She dint get my real meaning. I kept my hands on her upper back and started slowly massaging on nighty.

Lust side aside, I am really good in massage. People feel relaxed when I do massage.

In few minutes, she felt it awesome. I was pressing and massaging with different styles to her back. My hands are all over her back but I was touching over her nighty. I came down and my hands are on her hips now. Slowly pressing and massaging. She is moaning slowly. I came to know that she just enjoyed it to core

Me: Maami which color panty?

Maami: Giggled. Red

Me: Ya I saw that in morning na

Maami: (Smiling and blushing) Madduu

Now her both hips were in my hands and I was gently pressing them

Me: Do you have pain here maami?

Maami: No pain. But feeling so good when you do that. But its not right na maddu

Me: Areyy.. Its just a treatment. Don’t think too much maami.

Maami: Smiled and agreed

Now I was massaging her back thighs.

Maami suddenly: No maddu.. You should not touch thighs n all

Me: I said I don’t have any bad intention na maami

Maami: Not about bad intention dear.. Its disrespect.. You are my nephew and I should not allow you to do this.

Me: Who is your nephew? I am your doctor

Maami: Hehe

Me: See maami.. You are close friend of mine. I am not so cruel to see you in pain and let you struggle. So doing my help. That’s it. And It will never reach to third person. Trust me.

Maami: (Tears rolled from her eyes) No one cared this much to me Maddu.. Thanks a lot

It was completely sentimental scene. Even evil inside me was also silent for few seconds. But not more than few seconds.

She was lying on her stomach and even I slept on her. Wiped her tears and said “Maami.. Don’t be so sentimental”. She smiled. Ohh I am lying on my own maami. She is not saying a single word. I felt her complete body. I was struggling with my hard penis.

I just lied beside her. Even she lied straight and said “I am feeling too good Maddu, Thank you so much” Smiled

I said “You are welcome maami, By the way what bra you are wearing”?

Maami: Why? Dint you see in morning? (With false anger)

Me: Ya but I saw red panty more than bra.. so couldn’t remember bra color

Maamis eyes became wild and blushing: Youuu.. How dare you to say that and started hitting me.

So child mode was activated.

She was lying on her back and I climbed her and sat on her stomach. Holding her both hands

Me: Tell me na.. Which color

Maami: No way and started to escape (Laughing)

Me: Don’t say, I will only check

Maami: Hehe.. I will not allow

Me: Let’s see

In fight I kept my hand on her stomach, boobs, under arms, neck… she doesn’t care. Because I won her trust. We were fighting like small kids. I hold her both hands with mine and kept my mouth on her boobs.. It was tickling for her and she started laughing. I just pulled 2 buttons of her nighty from teeths and unclosed her breast part.

Oh god ho god..! I don’t believe.. I just tore her nighty to see her bra..! Still she has smile on her face..!

Me: Soo Its red bra

Maami: Madduu.. you broke my nighty buttons.. Not fare (But not even caring to adjust nighty)

Me: That’s the punishment. Next time you should tell the color immediately when I ask

We both are lying on bed straight and taking long breaths as we just finished our fights

Maami’s Mobile ringed..! Its Mama

Over phone,

Maama: Finished your work?

Maami: Ya finished.. why?

Maama: Your dad has called and asked to come to his village to get my money back

Maami: Soo?

Maama: How I can go by closing shop? Can you go and collect?

Maami: Alone?

Maama: Go with Maddu.. If he is free.. Like last time

Maami: Ok I will ask maddu and let you know

Maama: He will be free dear.. and its already 12.15PM.. Go soon and come morning asap.

Maami: Hmm ok

You know what, I was teasing my maami with fingers while she was talking to her hubby. Touching her tummy, red bra strip, underarms… Best moment that was.. She was talking to her hubby and I was doing all this to her and she dint say anything to me.

After Phone call

Maami: So whats your tomorrows plan?

Me: Nothing maami.. Full faltu..Hehe

Maami: Then get ready.. we need to go to our parents house on some work

Me: Ohhh that great.. When to leave?

Maami: So happy uh? In an hour dear..

I said ok and came to my room runningly and jerked.. Then I got ready and went in half an hour.

Well friends, I hope you liked the story. I couldn’t finish because lot more to tell to you. Feedback at / <> / . Only your feedbacks can motivate me to write asap.

I could not finish because lot more to explain to you… Brace yourself.


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