My Innocent Mom And Uncle Ashok

Hello Friends,

I, Saajan Shreedharan is back with an another jaw-dropping incident that had happened to me as a kid.I was years of age and mom was in her early thirties.Her breasts had bulged a bit and her curves had increased a bit.She had turned a bit modern after her affair with Ashok.

Her sarees were getting a more low waist .She looked endearing from the front when is showed her navel and a bit of the V-line of her Vagina, while she turned back, the midriff of her buttock made her look sexy.Her blouses had turned to fashionable bras and father was trying to compromise with her style so he didnt loose his beautiful wife.

After father returned from Dubai, Ashok was upset. He was no more meeting Mom, and had become alert enough not to mess with his very good friend. He used to visit us on Sundays when he used to flirt with Mom in front of my Father.

“You are lucky Shridhar ! You have a beautiful wife.” He would say. Papa had sensed the affair of my Mom long back when he was in Dubai. He was continuously trying to win her . But he was a strong, unromantic business man . Buying sarees and gifts and sex only once a week with no emotions at all! I could see my Mom missing Ashok.

Ashok had a master plan. He wanted Mom in any cost. Ashok suggested an idea of a weeks tour in Chennai City with some colleagues. Papa agreed on his decision. He had a master plan. That day Ashok called on our landline no. at my home. I was at home as it was only 10 am. I received the phone call . “Open the door beta, is your Mom at home?”. I was not willing to open the door. ” She is taking bath. Come later”.

“I have brought two CDs of games! Dont you want it ? ” I was all greed.

I opened the door with a wide smile. He hugged and kissed me and handed me a box of CDs. “You can try them on my laptop. Its in my car and don’t come out the car with those CDs or else your Mom will say I am spoiling you ! ” saying so he handed me the keys. He proceeded towards the room attached with bathroom.

Mom usually used to change come out of the bathroom, in a towel wrapped from her breast to knee and used to wear her clothes in an attached room where she applied body lotion before she got dressed. The room had a haunting memory for me as it was the very room when Ashok fucked her in front of me when I was only 7.

“Are you going to eat her ? ” I asked innocently. He just winked. ” Don’t follow me, I want to give your Mom surprise. Now go and play”

I was now not going to play games! I wanted to see what he was up to.

He waited near to the door of the bathroom, silently. I was peeking through the door, curious to know why he returned after so many days and the reason why he looked so happy!

Mom came out as usual in the towel, brushing her hair with her fingers. Her skin was soft, pink from hot water and her black long hair hung loosely on her shoulder till her waist.Ashok could never get enough by just looking at her.

She was taken aback when she saw Ashok. He lifted her in his arms. She was naked and the only thing that covered her was the towel. She cuddled at his chest in shyness. Ashok looked at her, in love, lust waiting to grab every inch of her naked body, safely prisoned in the towel. He grinned. “Do you need any help in getting dressed up? ” Mom blushed with embarrassment by his words.

I hid beneath the stairs as I saw he was taking her to the living room.

” Is he going to fuck her? I should stop this”

I hid beneath the staircase for few minutes till they settled on the couch. I came out in the living room to experience the most sensual beings, kissing in love !

Mom was all fainted in his arms. His mustached mouth begging access for her lips, which she gave. He was feverously biting and pecking her cheeks in lust. She was sitting on his lap, as his hands caressed her ass through the towel he kissed. He shoved his nose in her midriff to smell her womanly fragrance making his control slip. A tension of arousal hung in the air!

I had to stop this! I silently walked till the cordless, groped it from the table, dialed Papas no . in a jiffy. I made a missed call and kept it as it is on the table. I ran and settled again beneath the staircase. I knew Papa will call back.

“Tring Tring….” it rang. “Ummmf Ummmaa …let me go Ashok, its Shridhar” Mom tried to move away but he had a bit resistance to leaving her . She managed to reach to cordless and receive the phone. Ashok followed her and embraced her from back . ” Hello …… emmmm” She mewled as he kissed her neck from the back.

Papa could sense that something was fishy. ” Am coming back … immediately ” Papa said on phone.

“Oh god, Ashok you go ! He is coming home.” She banged the phone and went to the changing room.

“Wait ” he grabbed her and cupped her face. He picked her nose, on her mole and said “We are going to Marina this Sunday, your husband is planning the tour. I have a chance to let your husband know how much I love you! It will be a surprise for you too ! “

He kissed her the last, a nosy kiss, he would rub his nose on hers while kissing. When his mustache pricked her, she would move away from her face, and he would kiss her cheeks. He left soon after he had finished, at least tasting her ! I didn’t let him eat her today!

Chennai tour first day was fascinating! All aunties in sleeveless jeans and all Uncle in retro goggles and pants. I had found a friend of my age. Kaushik Uncles son, Vicky. We were too mature than me, used to take me to where he used to find sexy girls and pointed me at their clothes. “Look at that ! Bomb ! Isnt she? ” I was all petrified. I had already enough drama in my home.

The nest day the bus was all set to go to Marina Beach where Ashok was going to execute his plan. He was famous among women as he had a good sense of humor. He flirted with wives of many others.Beach had all extravaganza. Dance, Alcohol, and all ladies were forced to wear a bikini by all husbands except Papa.

But his friends persuaded him and he wanted Mom happy. The evening was scheduled to have dance, drink, and games! Hotel Cuba had al arrangements ! It was all set up by Papa. The waiter came with a series of bikini lined up on a stand for Mom. Dad had already selected a cool boxer which he was going to wear for the first time.

I knew she would select the one Ashok had marked with talcum powder.The sexiest and the tie side thin bikini bottom with white bra. “Will you wear it ? ” Papa asked, doubtedly. “If you don’t mind,” She said.

He agreed. It was astonishing.We children were asked to stay away from adults till beach fire was lit to play games. We children had escorts from the hotel who brought us from the water park to beach. The hotel people were readying the firewood while I and Vicky took a stroll on the beach to have a look what our parents were up to.

To our astonishment, all ladies didn’t turn up in too sexy bikinis. They all had covered ones! Mom was too shy, exposing her bubble butts and hid her breasts by her hands.

She was not comfortable. Men were staring at her. Ashok was all in limelight! He was wearing a mens jockstrap bikini! Every husband pulled their wives away from him, at least not eyeing his sexy fat ass ! He was flirting with every woman around. Mom was with Papa, he had embraced her not allowing her to splish splash in the water with others.

The bra had scarcely hidden her nipples and her navel looked more beautiful, wet and glittery. Her pussy was safe in her underwear but her big ass was all naked, a thin lace hauled in her crack that was tied together near her hip on the right side. A jerk on her tied lace and there!

Ashok was wearing only his jockstrap. He was hairy, dark, a bit of tummy and bubble butt that will catch even a mens eye. He walked like a dude among all, revealing all and just covering his penis for imagination. His pubic hair was visible through his underwear while his chocolate colored dark butt was protruding out of his back-strap ; bare ass.

His butt was clean while some hair covered his thigh and some below the knee. He had a huge chest and more height than any other man present. His mustached dark face was like actors from south-Indian Movie .

All gathered near the beach fire as it was burning with full grace. All settled near the fire. Ashok sat beside Mom and Papa . I was beside Papa on the other side. Nobody seemed to care their kids, all were busy romancing with their wives.

“Truth and Dare! ” Ashok said.” The rule is you have to take both truth and dare.” he said. All agreed. He grabbed an empty bottle and started the game. With few enjoyable rounds, the bottle destined to Ashok and Papa.Ashok was lucky he had the back side of the bottle.

He smirked.Papa smiled, was bit nervous. Mom was eagerly waiting for what he is up to. She was afraid too.

“Hmmm…. tell I did you ever kiss Revathi on her lips?? “

The question created a stir all around. “What kind of question is this Ashok? ” Ketan Uncle said.

“Ya….I mean No …Yes but ” Papa hesitated.

“Yes or no? ” Ashok demanded.

“No. Not on lips”.

People around were astonished.

“Then the dare is I will count 3, and you will have to kiss Revathi for few minutes. If you fail, I will kiss her and you will have to watch”

Everybody was backend by his words.

“What ? … I mean …. No I cant. ..


“Wait Ashok…”


Ashok pulled Mom from his arms. He lifted her in his arms and settled at on a place visible to everyone.As they were sitting next to each other, he leaned into her, taking in her scent. His hand started to wandering and gently makes contact with her soft thighs. He started rubbing and caressing her, moving down her leg and back up to her thigh.Smiling, she reaches for his hand and pulls herself onto his lap facing him.

They stared into each others eyes, taking in every detail of the others face. They move closer until their lips touch. They start to kiss, softly at first but become more passionate.

A sexual tension aroused in the air, while people around awed at the way he made love. Papa was astonished the way Mom was responding to his kisses.

With their tongues dueling, he starts to let his hands wander down her back, pulling at her bikini strings. Moving his mouth down her neck, planting gentle warm kisses, she lets her hands roam all over his bare back.His ass was bare, his strapped jockstrap bikini rarely hid his ass. Her hands groped one of his ass cheeks as she gave out a sigh as he left her lips after the kiss.

He kisses down until he reaches her cleavage. She pauses for a moment, as he was removing her bikini top. She initially resisted but then her attempts but later on floundered giving him access her ample breasts. Gently he massages them, lightly squeezing her nipples. She lets out a soft sigh as she moves her hands to his head massaging his neck and head. He bends down and sucks one nipple into his mouth, nibbling and sucking while tweaking the other. He moves his head to the other to give the same treatment and attention.

All couples started leaving the spot while Papa and I stayed. It was a disgusting situation.

“Ashok, leave her please…” Papa pleaded, was in tears and was about to hit Ashok. He stopped himself and left the place saying ” My lawyer will come to you the divorce papers till tomorrow. I am leaving on the next flight. Hope you both have a nice time in Chennai.

“Ummm …. oooooh … aaaiyoooo .. Ashok ..let me talk to him” He covered her lips with his and fervidly started kissing her.

Papa left. He didnt bother me. Sun was sinking in the sea. The two bodies curled in love on the beach in yellow light looked sensual. A picture perfect position for a photographer.

He lifts his head for a while to talk to me “Wait till I eat her….sit near the tree there.” His head tilted away to kiss her again.

He finishes fondling and sucking her breasts and she pushes him back. She starts to massage his strong chest, working her way down to the waistband of his jockstrap bikini.She manages to pull his undergarment till his knee. He stood up and skillfully got rid of it.

His cock starts to leak precum, as it starts to throb to her strokes. not wanting to cum just yet, he sits up and lays her down on her back. As he lays her down he hooks his thumbs into her bikini bottoms and pulls them down. She lifts her butt up to help him.

He lays on top of her, his hard cock pressing into her belly, smearing a bit of precum across her.They taste each other on the opposites lips. His cock jerks, poking into her soft skin. Raising up a little he grabs his cock and moves it to her pussy entrance, running his hardness between her lips.

As they gazed lovingly at each other it seems as of their movements were synchronized. Pausing for a moment to adjust to his thickness, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

After an hour of fucking and licking, his head rolled beneath to lick and grease her weeping pussy. He made her lay on her belly to devour her ass. His tongue gashed in her butt hole and left no juice of her untasted.

After their orgasms subsided, they laid next to each other enjoying each others touch. The sun had nearly disappeared as the evening stars started to peek out into the sky.

They stayed like that for awhile, wrapped in each others arms, gently kissing. Just as the last bit of sunlight had disappeared, they sat up and got dressed. I was there watching both of them do the whole act.

“You were watching us?? Naughty boy! ” Ashok came from behind. ” We have 3 days more ! Will eat you in front of you son! He likes to watch me making love with you! Isnt it?”I was to go to the Hotel with the Escort. The next three days I was appointed by Ashok to make orders, serve them wine glasses and condoms .

Ashok deliberately made Mom naked in front of me and kissed her in front of me . He laughed out loud when I made faces and move away from the place.

Yes! This was all shocking but I was happy for Mom.


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