Fun Continues With Melissa The Cook And Padma Gets Involved Too

This is in continuation from my previous story.

Obviously things were now quite at a different level between me and Melissa. When my wife would be away traveling, she would pretty much hang around at my flat almost all the time and we would have lots of sex. I must say I was happy and couldnt complain. My wife would come back from her office travels all extremely horny and we would have great sex for a few days, during which time Melissa would keep out of the way. In December however, due to year end related works my wife didnt have any travel planned. One morning, I woke up extremely horny and wanting to have sex with Melissa actually but since my wife was around that was not an option.

I immediately snuggled up to my wife and very soon we were fucking. She came on top of me and was grinding away to glory when suddenly the door opened and Padma walked in to collect laundry. My wife was in the midst of extreme pleasure and didnt realize since she was facing away from the door and she kept fucking me. Padma was shocked for a second, she looked me in the eye and just slowly walked out, leaving the door open. We continued fucking and just as I was about to come I noticed that Melissa had heard the sounds and was standing at the door watching us fuck. I watched her watch me fucking my wife, while my wife hadnt the faintest clue and we both came and just as she came, Melissa quietly slipped away.

So in the course of one morning’s sex, I’d had both my maids walk in me having sex and It’d made me supremely horny. So horny infact that I was ready for another round almost immediately. My wife wasnt though and went to the bathroom to have a bath. I was so horny that my mind wasnt really working and I peeked out of the bedroom to the other bedroom to see Melissa standing there looking at me. My dick was saluting her. I signalled her to ask her where Padma was and she signalled back that she was in the kitchen dry area tending to the laundry.

I immediately walked over to the other bedroom and dragged Melissa to the ensuite bathroom. She was shocked and scared, saying that my wife will come out any minute now. I knew that I had at least 5 minutes and I knew that 5 minutes was enough for me to relieve my dick again. I shushed Melissa and immediately raised her dress, pulled down her panty, applied some bathing gel on my dick, bent her over the wash basin and entered her pussy from behind and kept on ramming her for a couple of minutes. I didnt want to cum inside Melissa and pulled out my dick made her sit on the floor and was quickly shagging my dick wanting to come on her face, and at that moment, padma walked in on me again! Padma oh Padma, she had the worst timing again.

She wanted to take the towels from this bathroom but now she was so shocked at what she was seeing that I was afraid she was gonna shout I quickly pulled her in, closed the bathroom door and quickly made myself cum on Melissa’s face. I knew I had to get back to my bedroom so I just left the two of them there and walked back, just in time for my wife to come out from the bathroom after her shower. I was just lying on the bed with my dick going slowly limp, my wife looked at it with a lot of lust and asked me what made me so hard earlier today. I just smiled.

This was too close a call for me and I had not much appetite left for any more adventures for the rest of the days in that month so generally avoided both Melissa and especially Padma, spent more time at office etc. I never bothered to ask Melissa what happened after I left her in the bathroom, half naked, face covered with cum in the company of Padma. The month passed, we took a small break to Goa in the first week of Jan and from Goa my wife flew to Bangalore for a couple of weeks of work, and I took a flight back home.

I reached home at about 11 in the morning and opened the door to find Padma cleaning the cobwebs in the dining room. I was suddenly reminded of my guest bathroom incident and I didnt really want to talk to her much so I went to the study and decided to catch up on work and stuff. Later in the day, Melissa came, and quietly sneaked into the study. I knew the look on her face and frankly was waiting for some alone time with her. Within no time we were naked, she was lying on the sofa naked while I rammed her pussy.

I finally came on her tummy. As we lay after what was a satisfying fuck, I finally decided to ask her of the incidents from that day. Melissa laughed and had a mischievous look on her face. She told me after I’d left her she herself was so horny that she first had to make herself come, so she furiously fingered her pussy and made herself cum with Padma watching her all the while. Then she just cleaned up and asked Padma to keep quite now and talk to her later about it. Melissa told me that subsequently she and Padma had many discussions about that day’s incident and surprisingly Padma was not very scandalized.

Apparently Padma’s mother was a maid at a govt. servant’s house back in Bangladesh and he’d had sex with her regularly, many times in front of a Padma as well, just before she got married and moved to India with her husband. So she was quite open about talking about sex with Melissa. And as Melissa told her, she asked a lot about the kind of sex I’d had with Melissa.

I asked Melissa if she discussed our sex encounters with Padma, she winked at me and said, not all- only the ones that were more memorable, like the time I’d had sex with Melissa in the balcony one late evening, or like the time we tried our first anal. Talking about all this, Melissa clearly had got horny and I noticed that she’d start fingering her pussy. Watching her finger herself made me horny and I started fondling my quickly hardening dick too.

We were back to doing something that was a very dear sexual fantasy of both me and Melissa, that is watch each other masturbate. (Thats how our sexual partnership had started in fact) We liked to do this nice and slow, and that is what we were doing this time watching each other satisfy oneself. This always made us very very horny (in fact the balcony sex had started out as a mutual masturbation session while watching porn). and the same was happening again.

We both knew that Padma was in the house, still doing her cleaning stuff. I slowly got up, opened the door and came back and sat on the chair and looked at Melissa, and the look in her eye confirmed to me that she was loving me having the door ajar. Very soon we both were lost in our respective masturbation sessions, and we were deliberately taking it slow.

As was expected, Padma walked past the study, did a double take and walked right back to check out the scene that was unfolding in the study. We both looked at Padma, then looked at each other and continued shagging ourselves, increasing the pace. Padma stood at the door, smiling, watching us masturbate. Melissa came first, moaning like a crazy slut. I needed a few jerks more and I made myself cum, while both Padma and Melissa watched me. It was perhaps one of the best shag of my life, yet!

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