3rd December 2009

My name is Krishna staying at Trivandrum and Im doing Btech in Trivandrum itself. Im here to write an incident between me and my friend Priya. Both names are fake since requires privacy. This incident takes place in the month of December. Exactly on 3rd dec, that’s y the title 3rd December 2009.My college life started in 2008 and one year passed …then 2nd year started and here comes our junior students. As part of ragging, we met so many girls.

Out of that there was girl named Priya who became my friend very fastly. We started chatting and also talks whenever we met inside college campus. Then we exchanged our mob nos and started talking via mob. She always messages me and talks to me via phone. Most of the times she messages me, except sleeping time mostly…then one day her family went to their hometown in Tamilnadu…she also went with them but since it was roaming and also parents with her,

She couldn’t message me all the time and this made her realize that she wants my company all the time. Ive asked her why she’s showing special affection towards me but she always says she feels so but nothing like love and all. Almost one month passed with these talks, and then one day from her talks I realized that she’s ready to do anything for me, not sexually k.

She will fulfill all my wishes if she can. She has a good impression about me ,may be because many guys proposed her within 1 week of starting the friendship but I never showed such things and kept friendly with her…Even if I talks bad things, she just ignores…thinking that Im simply saying to check her…but I was curious and started asking questions about her body, dresses and all..but she didn’t take in bad sense..Then slowly I took l more time to ask her about erotic stuffs such as asking the color of panties ,bra size etc …

Once while talking via phone she said she wants to pass urine..and she went and came back fastly..I told you before and that she is willing to do anything for me .. I took this as a chance and asked :

Me : will you do anything for me??

Priya : yes da

Me: don’t say no when I sayask something !

Priya : k done

Me : am going to ask ….

Priya : hmm tell

Me : kk.. what’s your dress now ?

Priya : night dress.

Me : only that ??

Priya : yeah pant and top of night dress ..

Me : nothing else ??

Priya : what else ?

Me: nothing underneath ?

Priya : [she was silent]

Me: hey gone ???

Priya : nope,Me here

Me : then y no reply ?

Priya :didn’t except such question from you…

Me:what’s bad in that ?? just asking about dress and all ..

Priya : hmm

Me : k then tell me now …

Priya : yeah undergarments are also there ..

Me : colour ?

Priya : y are u asking all these ??

Me : simply ..just to know !

Priya : hmm …black

Me : what black ??

Priya : you don’t know about the color black ?

Me : I do know …but underneath there is not only one thing na..so asked …

Priya : hmm black and black..

Me : black and black ??? how can I understand from this ??

Priya : upside black and downside black ..

Me : cant u say it clearly ?

Priya : am not interested in such talks ..

Me : hmm … I finds more time asking such things to her. Taking advantage of the fact that she ready to do anything for me … I asked

Me : what’s the color of your dress ?

Priya : blue night dress

Me: then ?

Priya : [after asking daily she used to it] .. Upside white and downside blue..

Me : I said her ,you told me that youll do anything for me and now you are not even answering my que clearly..after so many talks I managed her to talk such things with me .

Priya : White bra and blue panties ..

Me : hmm ..

Priya : are u happy ?

Me : Y should I ? I just asked a silly question that’s all …

Priya : hmm ..

Me : k now remove our dress

Priya : what?

Me : you told me that youll do anything na..

Priya : oh .. so you asking such bad things ?

Me : what’s bad in it ? you are now in your home ,in your room and Im here na

Priya : atlast I made her do that ..

Me : I told her to remove the pants first..

Priya : yeah

Me : did u removed completely ?

Priya : [she moved it till foot only] …almost ..!

Me : remove fully and throw it away ..

Priya : she did it

Me: k then now remove your panties ..

Priya : let it be their ,am feeling shy

Me : nope ,you need to remove

Priya : hmm

Me :k now remove the top and bra …[ she did that too without much interest …]

Priya : can I wear it back now ?

Me : No …. so now you are nude right ?

Priya : nope ,am hiding inside the bed sheet..

Me : remove that ..

Priya : its too cold here ..

Me : u r not suppose to wear it till I say .

Priya : then ?

Me : be like this for tonight …

Priya : how can u say such things ??

Me : just hear what I say … You only promised to do whatever I say ..!

Priya : can I use at least the bed sheet to sleep ??

Me : hmm … k

Priya : after sometime , I said now u can wear it back but without bra and panty…[she obeyed it and slept like that ] Next day I asked her how was it the last days sleep without underwear’s …since it was the first time she slept without panty, she has a relief and she said it was nice and got some relief ..

And from that day onwards she never uses panty at home but she uses bra since the breast requires support another day while talking ,

I included more erotic matters…such as wants to see her private parts and touch it like that and to have a French kiss .. She asked me why do u want to see all those? I said simply ,just to see it … she thought I was simply saying it and doesn’t mean that … but actually I was asking permissions to do it … without knowing this ,she said ok

Days passed by like that .. I thought to bring her home ,she was also very much interested to see my home and all .. but she never thought Im having evil intentions in mind…atlas got an opportunity when my parents went for and function in our family and it was out of station, they said it will take 2 days to come back..taking this as opportunity ,I said am having lab xams ,so I can’t come ..

And they went without me on Wednesday … and that day we planned everything to be home ..and as usual she dressed in college uniform and came to the bus stop and picked her from their … and by bike we reached my home …and at first she put her bag in my room and looking my home here and there … I hold her hand and asked shall I hug you ?

She didn’t say anything … we hugged tightly .We were standing near my bed ..In that hugging position I placed her on bed and started feeling her hot body …we were in that position for some time and then I asked permission to kiss…that too she didn’t say anything …and I kissed her on cheeks ,then forehead and then lips and started smooching….and at the same time my hand run on her boobs…she didn’t say anything …but after that I touched her pussy area…

She moved my hand from there and said No…but I tried to convince her by saying that without removing dress na, then what’s the problem …I started caressing her whole body with dress. Then I asked her shall i remove her overcoat of uniform she said ok and removed it..Then I tried to move her top upwards she objected but I managed to raise it just below her breasts and kissed her tummy.

It was whitish and soft to touch and it was my first time touching such parts …then I tried to untie the knot of pants .She didn’t allow me to proceed further…but I convinced her by making her aware of the promise she had given to me ..atlas I succeeded in my attempt and tried to pull down her pants but she refused …but forcefully I pulled down and saw her panty .. I can’t remember that scene in my whole life . First time seeing a mature girl in panty .

I tried to touch it . She put her pants back in position but forcefully I again removed it …then taking advantage of the same promise I remove her top and saw her cream colored shimmy. She didn’t allow me to proceed further but I was adamant and at any cost Ill see her naked today …then I raised her shimmy and pressed her boobs over bra …I attempted many times to remove it and atlas it resulted in the tearing of her shimmy and it made my route easy…

Now she was in black bra and blue panties … As it was the first time I couldn’t resist anymore and I wanted to see the remaining without bra and panty … and I tried to remove it forcefully and I succeeded…I was struck by the scene..seeing the pussy for the first time that to a virgin girl with pubic hairs not removed …I lost all my control and started hugging her and kissing her all the body and now I have removed my shirt but wearing my pants ..

I went down and smelled her pussy and it drove me crazy …I widened her legs and watched it closely and I saw her pre cum in the sides !! As it’s the first time ,I closely watched and examined everything .. And moved on to the boobs and sucked it for long time …I couldn’t control anymore and I removed my pants and freed my rod .I don’t know the actual measurements but its too large ..I have started masturbating from the earlier days and may be tats y I started it became so long and thick …I was in a hurry to fuck her since its first time and lost all my control…

I tried to fuck her …put my rod in her pussy lips and tried to insert and it was very hard to get inside and she said its paining but I didn’t hear that ..I progressed my act and somehow managed to enter juz the tip of my rod and by that time she started crying out of pain …her crying made me come to senses … I was not at all interested in hurting her.. So I removed my rod and back to exploring her body … kissed her , sucked her and did whatever I can do on her body ..

Even I bit her boobs and made it red .. her body is so whitish ,so it becomes red easily …and atlast we stopped that session there … its just 10 am and we have time till evening … after that I showed her my house and showed my albums etc … and time passed by talking ,hearin songs etc .After that I went outside and brought chicken biriyani from outside and after having the lunch ,

I expressed my interest to watch her passing urine and also to have bath together….but both things she refused…atlas she don’t want to pass urine right now and escaped …came and sit on bed …she sits on the same bed where we explored in the morning …and it made me horny again …forcefully removed her dresses again…

And this time after feeling her body and kissing actions I took her in my arms and straightway went to toilet and reached the shower and opened and shower tap instantly so that she can’t move away.. and she was under the water …and last after getting wet, she didn’t move away and started bathing … during the bath

I kissed her vigorously and losing my control I made her lie on bathroom and floor and put my rod in between her legs next to her pussy and starting to and fro motion…she held her legs tight and

I stroked and she also aroused letting out moans may be because of the rubbing of my rod in her pussy lips … at least I discharged my sperm on the ground and she also reached her orgasm and it was her first time in life …and then continued bathing … we came out of bathroom and dried ourselves …and her face expression changed .

Actually she wants to pass urine but she don’t want to tell me that because she feels shy to do it in front of me so she kept quiet but she couldn’t control so long ..She started to run back to the toilet and I also ran behind her and caught hold of the bathroom door when she was about to close …and now she was helpless and was going to pass …. she sit in the position and but she couldn’t make it … but tried and tried and at least urine started flowing and

I watched it and saw for the first time a girl passing urine! Then I dressed and went out and bought snacks and milk for preparing tea…she prepared tea for me … we had tea together and it was evening she needs to reach home in the same as she reaches daily back from home …so I drove back her home by bike …and she called me after reaching home and said she had the best day of her life and she’ll never forget this day in her whole life … this is our first experience

And after that we have met many times in her house since her parents both are employed and they won’t be at home excepts Sundays and Saturday afternoons …and we started making use of the opportunities later … Ill post the remaining encounters according to the response of the readers of this story …! [Im interested in having friendship with gals especially of teenage and unmarried women and unsatisfied married women of my town, Trivandrum…mail me…completely privacy required! Im interested in completely secret relationships only…] My mail id : / <> / If interested ,we can have sexual fantasies also…


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