Unsatisfied Married Doctor Looses Virginity To A Patient

How can I forget that day, the most memorable day of my life, 1 may 2012. It had been 1 year 7 months 7 days to that day but I havent forgotten anything about the day. I can clearly remember every minute detail happened on that day.

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Anagha (obviously my name is changed), 29 years old orthopedic surgeon who runs hubbys family hospital with hubby. My hubby is 30 years old. Believe me or not but my appearance (i.e. height, figure, color, face, eyes etc) can turn on anyone at one sight. I am neither a good writer nor a regular ISS visitor. But still I thought; if anyone doesnt know my real life identity here. Why shouldnt I tell my own experience here.

We got married on 9th May 2011. After marriage I was observing that my hubby (Varun) is avoiding me in bed. I spoke to him about this but he said that he had a lot of pressure. The months passed; but he was avoiding me. I was too busy in hospital works. So I also neglected thinking that after hospital settlement we will have sex. But I was wrong; nothing happened after 8 months also. Now onwards my hunger began to increase. One day after hospital timing 10 pm Varun called me & said that there is an emergency case in the hospital; so he has to be there. He disconnected the mobile but my mind began to think because as per my information; there wasn’t any emergency case. My heart stared beating fast. Finally I decided to visit the hospital. (We have a flat on the uppermost floor of the hospital). I reached the hospital & inquired the receptionist about him.

She said that there is no emergency case in the hospital right now. I went to the uppermost floor to visit Varun. But I doubted that he must be with someone. So I opened the door with my keys. Some music was playing. I was more confirming about his act now. I walked to the bedroom; bedroom door was open. I peeped in the room. The scene I had seen; was out of my imagination. Varun was having sex with his friend Dr.Rajesh. I was about to lose my sense but somehow I managed to get out of there. I was thinking all the night about what to do now. Either to give him divorce or talk to him! I was so confused. I decided to take time. After a month I decided to be him but only after clear conversation with him. One day I spoke to him. He said that he is gay since childhood. He can’t satisfy me. But after healthy discussion he allowed me to have safe sex from anybody.

Days were passing & I was scanning for a handsome hunk who can satisfy my hunger. On such a fine day, in my IPD a patient was admitted named Kabir. Kabir was 26 years old & a son of owner of saree shop. Actually I forgot to mention that I love to wear sarees particularly Silk Sarees as it stuck to my assets perfectly and gives perfect idea about my figure to the viewers. Mean while in his treatment I became closer with Kabir. Kabir was quick responsive, witty, intelligent and naughty boy. After his discharge, one day I went to his shop to buy a new saree. He welcomed me & showed plenty of varieties. I bought many of them. But he refused to take the payment.

Me: Kabir, this is not the way. U must not mix business with personal relations.
Kabir: Madam ji, in that case you have broken this rule. I was your patient & you treated me like a friend.
Me: That’s my duty.
Kabir : Madam ji if you want to make payment of this I won’t speak you onwards.
Me: OK but only on one condition. You have to come to my home for a dinner.
Kabir: Surely. Any time.
In a week it was our anniversary. So I thought to buy a new saree for the program. So I called Kabir. He said that there are some new silk sarees & he will bring it to the home. That was 1st May. The bell rang. I opened the door & stood dumb stuck because Kabir was looking so handsome. After sitting down; Kabir was constantly looking at my boobs & was hesitating for eye contact with me. I was catching his eyes every time. He was a bit nervous. This gave me full sign that he is interested in me. His perfume smell was making me mad. After casual chat; he handed me the sarees & asked me for trial. I went to bedroom & changed the saree. I came back to show him.

Kabir: Oh My God !!! You are looking so beautiful in this saree.
Me: Really? I dont think so.
Kabir: Flower can’t smell its smell. In the same way you can’t calculate your own beauty in this saree.
Me: Don’t be so fake
Kabir: I have only one word to describe your beauty. But I can’t tell you that word.
Me: Come on say it.
Kabir: You are looking damn sexy. But only one problem is there.
Me: What’s that?
Kabir: You have adjusted your saree properly from backside. May I help you?

I was speechless to this question but my eyes spoke much more. He recognized the eye language & he got up from the sofa; came closer to me. He was facing my back. He touched my back and slowly started rubbing on the name of adjusting the saree. His breath began to reach my neck; his heavy and hot breath, his erotic smell. I was losing myself. I closed my eyes. And suddenly he grabbed me. My hip in the saree were feeling the touch His tool from the pants. He turned me and began to kiss me wildly. Initially my response was low but after some time I also become aggressive. We kissed each other passionately. He started pressing my boobs above the saree. He adjusted my saree pallu & removed my blouse & he got full access to my boobs. He was chewing, pressing and sometimes biting them madly. Up to the time I was fully wet. But he started sucking my navel, legs. His kisses were falling on all over my body like rain. He was now full nude. His tool was fully erect and his thick dick was nearly about 5/6 inches long,

I was not sure if this can enter in my vagina. He said me to sleep on the edge of the bed and spread the legs as much as I can. He got the Vaseline and applied it on his dick. Now he was holding his dick in one hand & started to roam it over my vagina. And suddenly he pushed it inside and with another hand he shut my mouth. I felt that I will die in few seconds. With a second he pushed it again with double force. His first 15/20 strokes made me die. But after some time I began to find pleasure in that pain. It was paining but his strokes were giving me heavenly pleasures. After 5-6 minutes he cummed. I was fully satisfied now. I lost my virginity to Kabir. On the same day we enjoyed it several times. From that day onwards our play becomes daily stuff. After 6 months his father met with an accident & he got so depressed that he never visited me from that time I am in search of new handsome unmarried Marathi boy who can satisfy me daily.
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