Losing My Virginity With Neighbor Natasha

Hi guys, let me introduce myself. I am Abilash 5″11 height , normal body. I am telling you about how i lost my virginity to girl named Natasha who is our neighbor.

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Now lets go

Okay where to start…..

This was about four years back when i was 20.I was a normal guy who likes girls… I always wanted a girlfriend.But couldnt get. Not because i look bad(i look average actually)
Even girls seems to like me. But i was afraid to talk to them. 1 day i was coming back to home as i saw my beautiful neighbor natasha in front of her house talking in phone. I dint give much attention to her. But i should tell you she is beautiful. I dunno her assets much but she has great assets. After few days there was a party at my house. So my mother called our neighbors too..Natasha also came .

As it was a small dinner party there were not many people. And there were no young people like me and natasha. So she was came to me and introduced herself. We talked for awhile on basic things then i came to know that she is a year bigger than me and then we were talking and suddenly someone walked through her by pushing her to me as her chest touched to mine. I said sorry to her even its not my fault she said “its okay its not your fault dont worry.. “.

Then its time for dinner all went to eat so did we.. As we were sitting she sat beside me close i could smell her hair which felt so good. That really felt nice. After dinner we had a little chat about relation ships and all . I said i never had a girl. She was surprised and asked “why i have.. Why dont you, dont you like having a girlfriend”. So i said i was afraid to talk.. She told me tat she would help as she liked me. And she left.

From tat day we used to meet daily. We became good friends , as she became close i was liking her very much she was so sexy as i observed her. I started seeing porn again and masturbated. One day Natashas parents were going out of station so she came to our house to stay until they came back.

As soon i known the news i was so happy to her tat. We had dinner and then i gave my room to her so she could freshen up and rest. At night i couldnt control staying away from her. I went to her to ask if she wanted to see any movie. She said sure and said “lets see a romantic movie so ill help you how to talk to girls. Then we started to see the movie, she was not a virgin and she telling about sex and romance like how to be with a girl. As the porn effect my dick was erecting. I wanted to touch her and moved close to her.

As my hand touches hers she looked at me and kept tat look for a while and asked if i wanted kiss her”. I was stunned and kept quit. She said tat shell teach me how to kiss and came close to me and kept her lips in mine…. Wow they were so soft and sweet i kept my hands on her waist and was totally hard. As we were close my dick touched to her thigh . She suddenly broke the kiss and saw my fully erected 6 inch dick coming out of the pant and she was shocked by seeing it.

She became exited and kissed me again and said tat” your dick is so big my boy friend doesnt have tat big” and kept her hand on my dick.. Wow natashas warm hand on my dick.. I couldnt control and started kissing her lips so hard and keeping my arms on he thighs and into her top so soft skin. She stopped me an went to close the door and soon i grabbed her tight and went for her boobs. She stopped and said “go slowly as girls like that”.I slowly started kissing her neck as she removed my shirt and exploring my body. I too removed her top and she was wearing red bra and i could see her cleavage started pressing her boobs and slowly took my hand and kept it in per pants it was fully shaved.

She was already wet downstairs.She took my pant and started to play with my dick and she really liked it and said that she had crush on me from that day after we met. And kept my dick in her mouth and slowly started sucking. I remover her bra and pants. She had very soft and perfect boobs. She was only with a panty which is wet. She wanted me to suck her pussy . Then i went down and started biting her thighs which are so soft and hot they were amazing. I was biting her thighs and went to her pussy and she was moaning “oooohh mmmmm” and i was afraid that may be my parents may hear.

After some time juice was coming out from her pussy and i sucked them which is salty and it was like anything.As it was my first experience i took time to explore her body. First removed her panty completely and stared kissing near pussy and biting her thighs as she was moaning slowly and i went to her navel and then to her boobs and kept pressing one and sucking another for a while. Then she said “lets go to the next part”.

And i understood tat she wanted my dick in her and i lifted her to bed and thrown her on bed puled her grabbing her thighs and she was enjoying as she was teaching. She spread her legs wide as i got real exited and was biting her pussy and slowly kept my dick in her pussy…….. I stopped for a while

Wow it was wet and warm and its a feeling out of world. I slowly kept stroking half of my dick and i wanted to push the whole thing and did as soon as i pushed she jumped and shouted out. As my dick was long and went deep . She said to wait but i couldnt wait and said that ill do it so. And i pulled her and started striking half my dick into her and slowly inserting whole thing as she was shouting i shut her mouth with a kiss and then increased my pace. She kept resisting my kiss as it was little painful as whole dick was inside her pussy.

As we broke the kiss she was panting and moaning “mmmmmhhhh aaaaahhh its so big aaaaaa i cant huuummmm haaa” i kept my hand on her mouth and started striking and she started to move in sync with me and gave a sudden shiver as she cum. And i sucked her and started striking again after few mins i said i am about to cum and she said she dont want to take risk and cummed on her belly. And rested a while.

I kissed her boobs and was sucking them. As it was late and wanted nobody to spot us . We went to bathroom under shower and washed each other and dressed up and she slept in bedroom and i was so tired and went out and slept since i cant sleep with her as my parents could spot. I wanted to go again but it was late and i was tired too. As i was sleeping natasha came out and we kissed hard and we slept.

In the morning as we got ready and we were having breakfast, as she was sitting beside me i kept my hands on her hot right thigh and was rubbing her thigh to pussy and she suddenly jumped of seat and was afraid that my parents would notice. But she covered it and gave me naughty smile and whispered not now.

We still are having sex relationship. I was addicted to her. Because of her i started to talking to girls and made many gfs and had sex no of times.

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As its my first story . I couldnt make up to mark. Sorry for that next story will be more interesting.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

Losing My Virginity With Neighbor Natasha


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