Lost Virginity To My Hot Cousin

Hello Readers,

This happens to be my first story and also a real incident that took place with me. I have been following ISS for last 4 years or so and finally decided to share my experience. I will describe in a detailed manner. Please bear with me and be ready to cum while reading my sex story.

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Coming back to the story.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Jeet completed my masters and currently working for an MNC. I stay in Bangalore. I happen to be good looking and with a great sense of humor. Girls usually get attracted to my smile as they find it cute and impressed by my personality and comic timing. I am 24 years old.

Let me introduce the heroine of the story. Her name is Reena. Reena is 24 years old as well with perfect round boobs and big ass. She lives in Pune. She has perfect curves and any man would love to get her attention. The most attractive part is her boobs and curvy ass. They are round and firm. Her vital stats being 34-32-36.

I and Reena happened to be very close to each other considering our same age. We happened to share everything with each other.

One fine day somewhere in mid-2014 I broke up with my girlfriend and gave Reena a call and started explaining her everything. I was crying. She consoled me and told me that she loves me. I being broken hardly took anything seriously.

Days passed and Reena started falling more and more for me. I made her realize the fact she happens to be my buas daughter and my cousin. This is unacceptable and I am not ready for it. She did not give up.

Summer was nearing and I knew Reena will be coming down to my place with bua for summer vacations. I was charged up and geared to meet her as I knew I will have someone with whom I can hangout, late night games, visit pubs, late night talks etc.Reena and Bua arrived finally by train and I had been to receive them.

Reena gave me a tight hug as soon as she saw me at the station and she held me so tight that I had an instant erection and I started feeling a little uncomfortable and moved her aside. She had that kinky smile on her face and we started for home.

Once we reached home everyone was sleeping as it was 5 am and I guided bua and Reena to the guest room and I just entered my bedroom as my dick was troubling me a lot and I just wanted to jerk off. I was about to lock my bedroom and Reena entered.

Me: ya Reena tell me

Reena : what are you up to

Me: I was just planning to take a quick nap

Reena : you have such a beautiful girl standing in front of you and you want to take a nap?

Me: I slept late last night and woke early as I had to come to receive you so am sleepy.

Reena: Please let me enter your room have some courtesy .

Me: Ok come in and locked the door.

Reena : I noticed you had a hard on when I hugged you in the morning with a kinky smile.

Me: nothing such. Just that it was a little cold out there so I was feeling a little discomfort.

Reena: thats ok. I know you wouldnt agree to the fact that my tight hug gave you a hard on.

Me: Nothing like that.

Reena: Gimme 5 minutes I will change and come.

Me: fine.

After 5 minutes I see Reena is back with a loose t-shirt and her shorts. She was looking gorgeous and I was just staring at her upside down. She caught me doing that and smiled. She locked the bedroom from within and I said

Me: Reena doesnt lock if someone wakes up we will be in trouble.

Reena: No one will wake up. You just relax. Everyone are sleeping and even my mom slept.

I was lying on the bed she came and sat next to me playing with my hairs.

Reena: Jeet were you in a physical relation with your girlfriend?

Me: No. She wasnt fine being in a physical relation and I never forced her because my love was not a subject to it.

Reena: am so happy to know this. You did the right thing by not forcing her. She started playing with my ears, hairs and started pulling my t-shirt.

Me: Stop troubling me, Reena.

Reena: are you a virgin?

Me: yes I am and I am proud

Reena: even I am a virgin and I always have dreamt of losing my virginity to you.

Me: thats wrong, Reena. You are my cousin. It is unacceptable.

Reena: Jeet I love you and she suddenly placed her warm and luscious lips on my lips.

I did not know what to do. She just started smooching me. Initially, I was reluctant and tried pushing her away but she had held me very tight and even I started responding now. We started exploring each others mouth. Our tongues were moving in like snakes speed and we both were just going crazy. The smooch continued for the next 15 minutes and in the same process we exchanged each others saliva and we were loving it.

My dick had got to its full length. We broke the smooch and I din knew what next? Reena just started to kiss my forehead, cheeks and she started to bite my ears and neck. I started getting horny. I just couldnt control anymore.

I asked Reena to hold my dick. Reena undressed me in a whisker she took off my t-shirt and shorts and now I was lying only with my undies on. She started playing with my dick over my undies. I tried taking off her t-shirt but she did not allow. She said, be patient honey. I will give you all the pleasure. She took off my undies and saw my hairy Dick and was smiling. She was like I love hairy dick and I love your size as well.

She started shaking my dick upside down and I was going crazy. I started pressing her boobs hard over her t-shirt and then came the net move she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me the blow job.

That was the first blowjob of my life. I was literally in heaven. I was moaning. I was like Reena dont stop honey… You are awesome. Keep going… I am coming… She was sucking like a professional and within 6 minutes I cummed insider her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. She came up and smooched me and I tasted my cum for the first time. She lied beside me.

Reena: did you like it?

Me: I loved it

Reena: Now its your turn to return the favor and love

Without telling anything I just started smooching Reena. This time around I was very confident and I was dominating her. She was liking it after smooching her for 15 minutes I started biting her neck and ears and Reena was in awe of it. She was loving it. She was moaning and for the first time, I saw a girl moaning. She was like aaaahhh baby be patient, uuffff honey you make me crazy. I started licking her neck and she was enjoying it. I took out her t-shirt and now for the first time I have a girl naked in front of me. I just couldnt hold myself back and removed her shorts as well. There was my princess Reena lying naked in front of me. She had a clean shaved pussy with pink pussy lips. The sight made me go crazy.

I started fondling her round and well-shaped boobs like a baby. I started sucking her left boob and she was going wild. Her brown nipples were erect and hard. I was sucking them like a baby sucking milk.

I sucked for 15 minutes and shifted to her right boob and Reena was enjoying. She was moaning loud. She was like aaahhh honey suck me, suck them hard, you are so good baby, just dont stop, oucchhh, jeet dont stop please dont stop and I was increasing the tongue moment with each of her moans and motivating words she spelled out.

After 15 minutes of sucking, I started licking her navel. I had heard navel is very sensitive and it turn women on easily. Yes, it did work in Reenas case. As soon as I started licking her navel she started moaning loud and couldnt control. The room was filled with her aaaaahhs and ouchhss and finally to control her moans I smooched her again.

No was the time to experience heaven. I moved to her clean shaved and well maintained pussy. I just placed two fingers on the outer lips and she started moving her legs.

Reena: jeet just start licking it. I cant wait more.

Me: be patient love.

I started to move my fingers on her pussy and took my tongue close to her pussy and started licking it. Initially, I did not like the taste as it was my first time.

But in no time looking at her moans and reactions I started licking it. I made her wet and she held my hairs tight and pushed my face into her pussy while I was licking. Reena was breathless she was like dont stop… ahhhh … am cominnng …. dont dare to stop jeet.. please make me cum.. ahhhhhh… oucchhh..I increased my tongue speed and there was Reena having her first orgasm and she told the best orgasm of her life. I did not stop.

I started tongue fucking her and made her spread her legs wide and started licking deep and increased the pace and then Reena had her second orgasm. She was exhausted and I was hungry for me. My dick was erected again.

I just wanted to fuck Reena now and loose my virginity and take her virginity. Reena without disappointing me instantly asked me to fuck her. I told her I dont have condoms. Reena said not to worry it is fine. I want you to fuck me without a condom. Just make sure when you are about to cum you take your dick out. I replied in positive.

I geared up for the most amazing journey and Reena sucked my cock for a while to get it fully erect. I made her lay down and placed a pillow on her back and slowly started inserting my tool in her love hole. I was slow. The first push made me enter her love hole a little and Reena was in pain. She was having tears and I just smooched her and pushed again this time around half of my dick entered her love hole and I did not take my lips of her lips as I did not want her to scream loud.

I waited for few min before I pushed again and entered her love hole completely. I was patient and the moment her pain reduced I started moving to and fro. Initially, I was slow and smooth. With time I increased my speed listening to Reenas words like fuckk meeee my love…. I always dreamed to lose my virginity to you… fuckkkk mee… dont stop…. aaahahahh …. Fuck me like theres no tomorrow… aaaahh honey you make me feel out of the world… fuck me deeep… fasterrr … fasterrr .. ahahhh …. ouccchh

These moans made me crazy and I started fucking my princess hard…

Finally, I was about to cum and I took my dick out and cummed on her pussy outer lips. Blood was oozing out. We both were exhausted and we lay beside each other cuddling and smooching each other.

This is how I lost my virginity to my princess Reena.

Hope you enjoyed this pure love and soft love making saga.

Hope the ladies are wet and fingering and the guys are jerking off while and after reading my sex story.

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Based on the comments and feedback from the readers I will share my next experience.

Till then babye :)

Live life king size and keep enjoying.


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