Girlfriend’s Mother Become My Girlfriend Part II

Hello, friends thanks for all your lovely response it is really heart touching, you can reach me out at [email protected] for all are welcome for discussion I would like to thank indian sex stories dot net for their support.

That night with Kalpana changed my life completely I totally fell in love with her with all warm affection we kissed all most for hours that night exchanging our salivas and feeling the true warmth of each other, while my cock is resting and relaxing in her ass.The best part is switched off the A/C and fan we both are sweating like hell where that aroused both of us so much, especially me.

I love to have sex in sweat The combined smell of sweat and sperm gave an aromatic smell that turned me on.While she was tired and resting I slowly inserted my cock in her ass again where she stopped and said “please give a break Im tired” so I took my cock out and slowly started playing with her body, we were smooching and I was sucking all her saliva slowly i went down and licked her sweaty body and her amazing armpits with mole in her right armpit, then I went down started sucking her sweet cunt she turned horny again.

She looked at me and winked and told me that she is ready for another session then I slowly spread her legs entered my tool in her cunt started giving her all my horny hard strokes she was moaning like never before and we are sweating like pigs, (where our beds are literally about to break ) then after almost 25 mins she cummed and waiting for me to cum as well but I was too horny i m taking my time, then i made her turned back and in doggy position I entered in her ass with all force where she is shouting in pain , but I have to say this her ass is the best place for my 7 inch cock and I was pounding in her ass and squeezing her boobies after 25 more mins I cummed in her ass.That was the best session I had in the whole night and after that, I was totally exhausted and lying down on the bed where she kept her head on my chest and giving love bites on my chest and one on my cock(this was a pain for a while but I liked it).

It was almost 4:00 am in the morning we were sweating so much so she we had one amazing shower together and came out dried our self and slept nude cuddling each other.After that night I woke up at 7:00 am and left the place I did not disturb Kalpana as she was sleeping in like an angel, I have gone to my room took rest and was busy with my work.

One fine day Kalpana called me and said we have to meet urgently so we met at a restaurant car parking in my car once she got into my car she hugged me and started crying I was confused and asked her why is she crying then she told me she has a permanent maid at home who found out about our relationship and she is blackmailing to tell this to my husband and my daughter, by listening to this I got really shocked .But thank god she does not have any proof, but I decided to eliminate this problem immediately so I told Kalpana about the plan and we planned this to save our relationship secrecy.

Next day I went to Kalpanas house when Likitha is out and sat in their living room and Kalpana asked her maid Savitri to get some water she came out with water (she is in her mid 30s black short with all right amount of fat showing through her saree),then I told Kalpana to go into her room and asked Savitri to sit on chair ,but she resisted I told her its fine made her sit on the chair,Then I asked her what she saw that night? she was silent and not speaking. After continuously asking she spilled the beans that she saw both of us fucking each other. Then I asked her what does she want to keep her silent?

she told me she wanted money.
ME: How much do you want?
Maid: 10lakhs
me: I was shocked and told her are you mad I cant give you that much money
Maid: If not I will disclose it to her daughter, SHE told me I have proof also
ME: I asked her what proof does she have (she was silent couldnt get the proof out of her)

So I told her to leave I will think about the money after discussing with Kalpana we decided her to give 5 lakhs and told her to she will be removed from the job she then said ok , I told her I can give her in 5 installments and I told I will give the first installment in two days.After two days I asked her to come to mg road to pick up her 1st installment.

At 11:00 am I met her in MG road she came in bus so we spoke for a bit and gave her the packet,It was hot summer she was sweating like hell and I could see her bushy hairy sweaty armpits though her white blouse, then I got a wicked idea so that I could keep her as my maid in my home(maid with benefits) I asked her if she wanted something to drink as she was thirsty i took her to a posh coffee shop and ordered lemonade she was amazed by the ambiance and the drink and told me she has never been to such a place in her life.
ME: Really this very famous almost all people come here
SAVITRI(MAID): Im poor sir this is completely new life for me and its been ages since I bought sarees.

ME: YOU got money now why dont you buy for yourself
SAVITRI(MAID): I need this money to support my family in village
ME: I said okay fine ill buy you whatever you want and give you the money also but you have to promise me one thing, that you wont tell about me and Kalpana mam to anyone.

SAVITRI(MAID): she said fine in a smiling way.
I took her to shopping and bought her all the items she wanted she bought some sarees and cosmetics she was so happy I could see her in her face, at 3:00 pm we went to a restaurant while having lunch I asked her what all did you see that night?she started blushing I said its fine you can tell me.

SAVITRI(MAID): I came when you tied and fucking madam I was there all the time till you slept
ME: Did you like it?you wanted one like that?
SAVITRI(MAID): She got shocked and did not speak and she was silent.

me: I told her straight “see Savitri I need a maid with benefits, you dont have I can provide you the best life for you and your family anyways if you gout with 5 lakhs you cant survive with the whole life, so think about it and let me know if you like the offer then you can come to my house, she gave a thought for a while and asked she would be needing 6000 rs per month”I said ok”.

Next day she came to my house with all her luggage as I use to live out of city no so no disturbance. she came and got settled and cooked some dinner I told her some rules “whenever Im in house you should be in saree without blouse and bra”,she said okay and removed her saree i could feel that aromatic sweat smell and hairy armpits and pussy I really got turned on and started squeezing her boobs and sucking them as she got horny too i took her into bedroom and tied her with rope and started putting my hard cock in her pussy ,fucking her like a horse she screaming like hell where she couldnt stop me as I tied her hands with the rope after fucking almost 25mins I cummed first time in her pussy this continued for almost all night till 4:00 am with even her ass pounded, she really enjoyed it and she asked me to fuck her like that her hands tied up to bed. Once I got complete control over her in next coming months. I got new thoughts to make this spicy and to take it to next level…… be continued in final part 3 of Girlfriend’s Mother Become My Girlfriend.


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