Savita Bhabhi Episode 68: Undercover Bust

Savita Bhabhis Undercover Bust: It was a hot summer day. A Bentley car was parked on the shoulder of the road near a small river. Three women were enjoying buck naked in that river. There was not a single piece of clothing on them. One woman was around 50 years of age. But she had the breasts of a 20-year-old: a little saggy but too perfect. She had the biggest ass among the three. The other was 35 and she was the daughter of the first woman. She was a sex goddess and had breasts bigger than that of her mom. She didnt have a big ass but her ass was fine as fuck. The last woman was a petite, 20 years old. She had smaller breasts compared to the other two.

All three women were playing in the river, splashing water on each other.

“This was a great idea, Naani. Ive never seen you this spontaneous!”, the granddaughter said to her grandma.

Grandma heard what she said but she paid the least attention as she was looking towards the car and questioned,

“Who is that?”

She couldnt see properly as the light that was coming from the vehicle blocked her vision.

“Mohan, the keys are still in the ignition”, Maya said to Mohan.

Mohan was a dark man with big muscles. He wore a sleeveless vest and cargo pants. Maya was little darker than Mohan. She had big breasts and her nipples poked through the low cut choli that she wore with shorts under.

“Lets jack this motherfucker, Maya,” Mohan said to Maya.

The jeep took off to the highway. The older woman started running towards the jeep and shouted, “They are stealing my car”.

The other two women who were startled initially started following her.

As Maya was sitting in the car which was being pulled by the jeep, she went through the ladies clothes that were left behind.

While going through them, she discovered a small collection of womens jewelry amongst the clothes. While admiring them, she thought aloud, “They left all their jewelry, too?? Oh, Mohan is going to love this”.

The three women were just standing there in a crossed mood. They were very pissed off at each other. After some silence, the daughter of the old woman asked her,

“Whyd you leave your keys in the car, Ma?”

To which the old woman replied, “Me?? You were the one driving!”

While they were arguing, the youngest woman waved to a truck that was heading their way. Seeing her buck naked, the truck driver immediately stopped! He peeked out of the window.

The youngest lady said, “Help, please! Weve been robbed!!”

The truck driver who had his eyes fixed on her tits but was genuinely concerned and said, “What? Bastards! Dont worry, Ill get you ladies back to town.”

After watching this scene, the grandma came running towards her granddaughter and covered her breasts.

“Dont look at my granddaughter like that!”, she furiously yelled at the truck driver.

To this reaction, the truck driver just covered his eyes with his hand.

The grandma became even more angry and said, “Now you just forget youve seen her, mister!”

“Um, Ill try. You three just squeeze in here next to me..”, the truck driver replied peeking through his fingers.

“Youll just have to drive with your eyes closed. Ill tell you whether to steer left or right”, added the grandma.

Annoyed by the old woman, the truck driver took a last look at all the three naked women, started his truck and said, “Forget I ever offered” and left the scene.

Meanwhile, Savita bhabhi was paying a casual visit to Ravinder and Priya. As she was leaving, she hugged both of them and said,

“So nice to see you guys. Congratulations to both for your promotions, and I apologize again for having to miss your wedding, Ravinder.”

To which Priya replied, “Youll just have to make it up to us by visiting more often!”

While Savita was leaving Priya yelled, “Oh, and be careful, Savita! Our police intelligence has reported gangs of thieves on the road you take to get back.”

Savita looked back and replied, “You always have my back, Priya! Sure, Ill be careful…”

After driving for some time, she saw the three naked women walking alongside the road.

“What the fuck” Savita was surprised and pulled over her car.

She called them and asked, “What happened?”

The middle-aged woman explained the whole story to Savita bhabhi and asked her to take them to the police station. All the three women got into the car and Savita took them to the police station.

“Your friend, (the superintendent) is right. We have had a number of robberies on that road”, Officer Shilpa said to Savita as constable Neela and Sheena covered the naked bodies of the three women.

After hearing this, the old woman stood up and yelled at the officer, “Then why arent you out there patrolling?”.

After an awkward silence, Neela who was sitting at the front of the computer asked, “Names, please, the last name first.”

The old woman got furious and snapped, she said “What are you waiting for?? Our taxes pay your salaries!!”

She turned and pointed her finger at officer Shilpa and yelled, “You should be ashamed! My daughter, granddaughter and I were assaulted on your streets”.

Officer Shilpa quickly got up and said, “Ill take care of it, maam…”

She commanded Neela and Sheena to get up and said, “Lets go investigate”.

Neela and Sheena stood up quickly and started to move.

Savita was worried and said, “Woah, impressive. They dont know whom theyre looking for, and they left the police station unattended!”

After the officer and constable left, Savita called Priya and said, “Priya? Savita here. Your highway robbers have struck again, but these local cops are in way over their heads. Could you come down to the station?”

After some time.

“Theres nobody at all on this road,” Neela said.

“I dont see anything either. But keep your eyes peeled as I head back to the station”, Shilpa replied.

As they were heading to the police station, they saw a jeep pulled over. They stopped to see whether they are the victim of the robbery or not. Meanwhile, Mohan in the jeep said to Maya, “Stay low and follow my lead ”

Mohan walked to the front door and acted like he was doing some work. Officer Shilpa walked towards Mohan.

As Mohan saw her, he said “Oh, hey there, officer. Cant get this thing to turn over.”

Officer Shilpa said, “You should be careful. Theres a team of thieves out on this road.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Officer. I feel safer with you around”, Mohan replied to Shilpa.

Shilpa out of curiosity asked Mohan, “Do you mind if I see some ID?”

Mohan replied, “Hold on a second, it’s not on me” and leaned into the car.

Mohan removed a knife slowly and said, “Nope, cant find it. But Ill be happy to relieve you girls of your wallets!!”

As Mohan removed his knife, officer Shilpa pointed a gun towards Mohan and said: “Drop that knife, now!!”

As she was pointing the gun towards Mohan, out of nowhere, Maya came into action and kicked the gun away from Shilpa and shouted: “Mohan, watch out!!”

Mohan catches the flying gun coming towards him. Maya held the constables by both her hands and Mohan held Shilpa. He removed the handcuffs from her pockets and tied all the three womens hands with them.

After he tied them up, Mohan thought as he looked at their body, “These women are hot”.

Mohan ordered Maya to strip them ass naked.

Maya ripped their clothes and blouses off. The buttons flew all over the places.

After stripping them, Maya asked, “What should we do to them?”.

Before Mohan could reply Officer Shilpa said, “Youll regret this”.

Mohan got annoyed and said, “Youll regret pulling the gun on me!”

What will Mohan do to the police officer and constables? How will Savita bhabhi save them? How will Savita solve the case?

To find out, watch the episode in comic here –


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