Intimate Moments With A Married Woman Part-1

Hello readers, what’s up, this is Rahul and I am back with another story of mine. But first of all, I want to thank all the people who replied to me and gave me generous feedback regarding my stories.

I am Rahul, 26 years old, fair and athletic and an adventure loving guy. I am working for a good organization in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Any woman or housewife who wants sexual satisfaction, and is interested in me, can email me without any worries. My email id is [email protected]

All my stories are not real incidents, half of them are real, and half of them are just fantasies. As an erotic story writer, I do my best to present my story in the best way possible. Thats the reason I also mix up fantasies with my real life sexual encounters.

So coming to this story, this happened with a married woman. Ok then let me tell you something about her. It doesnt seem comfortable to reveal her real name so lets call her Sujatha aunty. She was 43 years old, very fair, and she had all the flesh at the right places.

All the readers very well know that many Indian women after getting married automatically gain weight, and the way they put on weight just seems very sexy. All the flesh seems to be in the exact proportion that is needed to make a woman look hot and sexy. They become voluptuous and just kill everybody with their sexy hot looks.

And one more thing, almost all the married and elderly women look so lovely in sarees. Many readers will agree with me in this case too because we all have seen them draped in sarees and appearing lovely, correct ???

So, Sujatha aunty was voluptuous and fair, used to be draped in beautiful and sexy sarees all the time. Every time she used to come close to me, I used to get an erection. That’s how much hot and sexy she looked. Obviously, I had full-on respect for her in my heart.

But Sujatha aunty was so sexy and voluptuous, caused me to lose my control and shag my hard cock crazily by imagining her in every way possible. The respect for her was always there in my heart and there is no doubt about it, but she is so sexy and attractive that her sexiness used to make me drool over her.

So, Sujatha aunty was our family friend. She was a very good friend of my mom and very soon she got close to me too. At least thrice in a week, either Sujatha aunty would be in our house, or we would be visiting her. In this way, I got closer to her very soon.

She used to treat me like her own son as she was my moms age. I was maybe around 19 years old at that time. I was in the second year of my degree course when this incident happened. On numerous occasions, Sujatha aunty and I have come so close physically, that I used to have sexual feelings about her.

She used to be standing so close to me that our bodies used to rub together. I have no idea about her exact physical statistics but according to me, her breasts would be around 38c or 38d, her waist around 32 or 33, and her hips around 40 which used to just get me crazy after her. Her hips and ass were one of the hottest features.

Sujatha aunty always used to wear sarees and in saree, her hips used to look incredibly hot. Many times I have felt like just sliding her saree pallu aside from her belly region and shower her fleshy belly with lots of kisses. Even just the thought of this used to give me a raging hard-on.

Eating food together, spending time in each others houses, sleeping overnight in each others houses were normal and usual. Many times I had slept overnight at Sujatha aunty’s house. Her husband used to travel around because of official work, and her kids were studying out of the city.

So one such evening I was sent to her home for spending the night in Sujatha auntys house by my mom. She used to feel unsafe staying alone, although our society was completely safe still she wanted someone to be around. My family and I were very close to her so I was the one who was usually sent to her house.

We were sitting on the sofa and gossiping, having some soft drinks and snacks. Aunty only had a habit of watching tv serials and nothing else. Other than watching serials she has no interest in other programmes so that day the TV was switched off and we were just talking.

Already years of closeness as family friends had made us so close that nothing was left to talk. We were almost family members. All of a sudden aunty asked me about my girlfriend. I replied I dont have a girlfriend. She called me a liar. After some time I was able to convince her that I really dont have a girlfriend.

The reason for this was that I was so much into sports apart from my university classes that the thought of girlfriend never crossed my mind. Sports are almost like addictions, but nice and healthy addictions.

Sujatha aunty was sitting very close to me, she was half-facing me and both of our knees were touching. She was wearing a black chiffon saree with colorful flowers printed all over the saree. Her blouse was also black in color. Sujatha aunty was looking so hot and sexy.

According to her body movement, her saree pallu used to drift away from her stomach area, and then come back to its place again. Her super fair silky soft belly flesh was looking so tempting, that I used to feel uneasy because of my arousal. Aunty used to sense my discomfort but never said me anything.

But that evening the ice had to be broken, I think so. Aunty said me, Rahul you should have a girlfriend, it will help you. I didnt understand what she was talking about. Seeing my expression she said to me, “Dont act too innocent, Rahul. I very know what is going on with you.”

Still, I didnt get what she meant by this. Seeing my confused face she got fed up and straight away said, “Rahul, you might be thinking that I dont know anything that is going on but I know everything. You have been stealing glances at me for a long time.”

Aunty appeared quite serious while saying this. I got nervous, because if aunty prompts even a single word about this to my mom, then my mom will simply just kick my ass. I said, “Aunty, whatever I did, I did it without having any wrong intentions. it was a natural aunty.”

Aunty smiled, can you believe it? She smiled, thank God at least she is not angry, that means she wont say anything to my mom. Then aunty said, “I know my dear boy but its not right for you to ogle at an older woman like me.” I thought in my mind that the woman who always gives me a raging hard-on says that she is an older woman.

Of course, she is an older woman but let me tell you what, I just love older women. Not just because of their voluptuous looks, but also for their friendly behavior and mature understanding. For me, older women are so cool. I said, “Aunty, you are one of the most attractive women on this earth. You look so good aunty that, I am unable to put it in words.”

Sujatha aunty was spell-bound. She never thought that a young guy would be so much interested in her, who was his moms age. Aunty said, But Rahul I am your mothers age, and also your moms good friend.” I said, “That does not matter to me aunty, I am genuinely attracted to you.”

Aunty didnt know what to say, after clearing her throat she said, “But I am your moms friend, if your mom comes to know then we both will be in trouble.” I said, “Oh really aunty ?? That means if my mom doesnt come to know about this, then this is fine with you right ???”

I got closer to her in that sitting position itself. Aunty was looking at me with a worried face. I said, “Aunty, your lips are so full. I want to taste your soft lips, may I?”

Aunty didnt say anything and continued to look at me, but this time with just a slight bit of worry on her face. I didnt want to waste any more time and then I got my face closer to her. Her lips were looking so full and delicious with a slight bit of lip gloss on it.

I gave one final look at her tempting lips and then I locked her lips with mine. They were so soft, I just loved it. After some seconds aunty opened her lips, and without any further invitation I opened my lips too and our kiss deepened. There were we, kissing each other as if two hungry sex mad people.

Aunty was swirling her tongue in my mouth, and the softness and warmth of her mouth just got me more aroused. We both kissed deeply and lovingly, intensely and passionately, and still were hungry for more. I broke the kiss, looked at her and said, “Aunty, I want to love you a lot, allow me to give you all the pleasures that I can.”

In reply to my words, aunty just moaned in desire. I caught her neck and kissed her again. Her lips were driving me crazy and we were just going on kissing intensely. Then I broke the kiss and started her neck. Auntys years of sexual frustration was pouring out and she was moaning sexily.

After kissing and nibbling her smooth neck I leaned in a bit and pressed my face against her huge breasts. Aunty sighed and caught my hair. I was feeling auntys huge breasts on my face, the softness of her breasts, the warmth of her breasts, all this through her saree pallu, blouse and bra were amazing.

Her smell, my goodness. I wanted to make love to this woman my whole life. Then I dropped her saree pallu and mashed my face against her breasts on her blouse itself. I kissed her deep cleavage and unhooked all the four hooks of her blouse.

Her breasts were captured in a red bra. Her white breast flesh was looking so delicious in her skimpy red bra. I started massaging her bra-clad breasts, aunty was enjoying a lot. I unhooked her bra and started sucking her huge soft breasts. Aunty was cooing sexily, and I was getting all the hornier by her acts.

All of these happened while we were still sitting on the sofa. I got up and kneeled down in front of aunty and aunty was still seated on the sofa. I caught the hem of her saree and started raising it, the flesh that was getting exposed while lifting her saree, was being playfully kissed and sucked by me.

Soon I raised her saree almost up to her upper thighs and I was kissing and sucking the exposed flesh. The smell that came from between her legs was heavenly, and the time had come for entering into the heaven. I lifted her saree a bit more and saw her black panty.

Her panty was so wet that I wondered if I squeezed her panty, then drops of pussy juice would start dripping out it. I hooked my fingers into her pantys waistband, and pulled her pants down and removed it. Her panty was extremely wet my dear readers. I took her panty to my nose, gave a deep sniff.

The smell ignited my desire so much that I threw her panty aside, spread her legs and just buried my face into her pussy. Aunty cried with pleasure. I licked, sucked, nibbled and chewed her pussy lips gently. Aunty was going crazy with pleasure. She was moaning loudly. I ate her deliciously wet pussy for may be up to 10 minutes.

My mouth and jaw area were completely smeared with Sujatha auntys pussy juices. Then I stood up, removed my knee length shorts and brief hurriedly and then made aunty lie down on her back on the sofa. I positioned myself between her legs and rubbed my hard cock across her pussy lips.

I lubricated my cock with her pussy juices and then I looked at aunty, she was dying to get fucked and shouted, “Rahul..just fuck me, fuck me hard.” I rubbed my cock one last time on her pussy and then my cock slid into her pussy in one shot. Aunty and me we both saw stars in heaven, it was that kind of feeling.

I was fucking my lovely Sujatha aunty. I was pistoning my rock hard cock into her burning hot pussy. Aunty was screaming loudly in pleasure. I was banging her as if she was the last woman on this earth to have sex with. I fucked her hard and intensely for 15 minutes, and then we both couldnt take it anymore and orgasm together.

We both were panting hard, trying our best to catch our breaths. Aunty hugged me hard and we slept on the sofa itself for some time. We woke up after half an hour, looked at each other satisfyingly and then locked our lips together. We kissed for a long time.

The whole night was ahead of us. Sexual pleasure is the most powerful desire in the world. Just enjoy it in a right way and you will see heaven on earth. I hope you all enjoyed my story, until next time, bye.


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