The Family Taboo Part 6 ( Fucking In The Waterfalls)

Coming to the story in the last part I fucked my mom in the bathroom. Now my sex adventures continued in grandma’s house with my mom. After a fuck in the bathroom, I am still in the mood and I need to fuck, but I dont know how. So I started to cook up a plan.

My grandma’s house is in a forest area and it has a small waterfall nearby where nobody comes. So I asked everyone shall we go to the waterfalls. Every one said no because Grandma was ill. I pleaded with my mom at least you come with me Mom.

Me: Please, mom, come.

Mom: We can go when Grandma is better.

Me: At least we go catch some fish near the waterfall. So we can cook for night dinner.

Everyone said to go with him its ok we will take care of Grandma. But the shocking thing was dad said I will accompany you guys. My plan was a disaster. I planned to fuck her in the waterfalls.

Mom: Ok we shall catch some fish and cook it for dinner.

In my mind at least I can enjoy some quality time with mom. The waterfall is very near. Mom came with some dress to change for me and mom. Dad said I am not entering the water, I just came for sightseeing.

Mom was wearing a saree. Mom removed the saree and used it to catch fish and I grabbed one end and mom another end. Dad didnt mind as there was nobody but us. I can see my moms boobs hanging down with a deep cleavage. Think of some actress showing her cleavage.

And her navel was so beautiful and she still has that curve at her age with little fat. I asked dad to join as but said and lied down on a rock. Mom said that dad doesnt know to swim, that’s why he didnt get into the water. It’s not much deep. But it is deep enough to swim. I am also not a good swimmer. My dad warned me to be careful.

Me: Dont worry dad mom will take care of me.

Mom: Yeah dont worry so much, just relax.

I and mom were all wet after fishing. We caught some fish. I can see mom’s nipples poking through her blouse. It made my tool stand straight. Mom saw that and smiled at me.

Mom: Come on son let’s take a bath and leave.

Me: You should help while I swim.

Mom: Dont worry I will take care of that.

Dad was watching us. Mom started to strip in front of us and my dad didnt mind it. She was in bra and panty.

Mom: Take off your clothes, son.

Me: No, I am soo shy( I was just acting)

Mom: Just wear your underwear and come.

Dad: Come on son, it’s only your mom and me. Nobody else is gonna see you. Just take off your clothes.

Mom: I have seen you naked many times when you are little.

I and mom were acting but dad didnt know our secret.

Me: Ok ok.

I stripped my dress and was in my underwear I controlled my mind to hide my boner. I and mom started playing in water throwing at each other. I can see everything through Mom bra and panty. It was a black lacy bra and panty.

Mom: Let’s go and swim.

Me: Ok, mom.

I was having a  huge boner and I was hiding it from dad as much as possible. He was watching us. We entered the deep part of the waterfall. Where the water is deep and due to splash as waterfall hits in rocks it looks like it’s raining.

Me: Help me to swim.

Mom: Ok.

I grabbed my mom’s boob from the back and started to squeeze it. And mom started to moan. Mom turned around and hugged me. Dad was looking but it was a normal mom son hugging for him. But not for us. I slowly removed mom’s and my underwear till knee.

I inserted my dick inside her. I started fucking her in the water. My dad watched us for some time not knowing his own son fucking his wife. Dad lay down on a rock nearby enjoying the view in which his son was fucking his own mother. We both go inside the water some time to kiss and come out. I was fucking my mom slowly. She couldnt control the moaning and moaned loudly.

Dad: What happened?

Mom: Fish is bitting me thats all.

Me: My fish is hitting mom.

Dad: What?

Me: Fish, dad, fish is biting mom.

Dad: It’s ok.

Again started to fuck my mom and asked mom to remove the bra and panty.

Mom: What will dad say?

Me: dont worry just say its itching

Mom: Honey (dad) my bra is itching and cutting my skin.

Dad: Remove your bra, if anyone comes I will inform you.

Mom removed it and threw it to dad. I grabbed moms boobs underwater and sucked it while I was still fucking her in front of dad.

Me: Let’s go to the waterfalls, there’s cave inside we can fuck there.

Mom: Ok let’s go. Honey(dad) we are climbing the waterfalls ok.

Dad: Be careful its slippery.

To the waterfall, we have to climb a little. I grabbed mom’s body as if I was helping her. We reached the waterfalls. We went inside the cave. It is not very big but enough for four people. I made her lie down and started to fuck her.

I raised her legs above my shoulder and fucked her hard for almost ten minutes. Dad called us come-on guys it getting late lets go. I started to ram her fast, me and mom reached our climax and I started to cum inside her.

Mom: We are cumming darling. It’s the best sex ever son.

Me: Dont worry, there are lots to come.

We came out and jumped into the water there we cuddled for a few seconds and came out of the water. Dad was looking at the sky. We wiped the water with a towel and put on the clothes. We went back to grandma’s house talking and laughing on the way.

We reached the house, grandpa and aunty were not there. After some time they came back with some firewood and said we went collect it. They went to put the wood in a shed behind the house. I had my doubts because aunt was looked like someone fucked her for hours.

So I followed them to the shed. Grandpa grabbed my aunt and started to kiss her on the lips. My aunt, she is the wife of my first uncle. She looks like Nayantara.

Aunt: Come on mama stop it. You fucked me for almost 2 hours you still need it.

Grandpa(Gr): I cant control it when I see your body.

Aunt: What if somebody sees us?

Gr: Nobody will see us. Give me a blowjob.

Aunty started to give him a blowjob. I left them alone. They came after 10 minutes. (A story about my grandpa and aunty will be side story which I am working on. So please comment if guys need that story, give some like to continue my story.)

Back to the story.

We ate the fish we caught and went to bed. Again my dad slept in the bed and I and mom slept on the floor. Mom came to me start to kiss me and hugged me

Mom: Son fuck me I need it now.

Me: Your wish is my command.

We removed our clothes and I was rubbing my dick above her pussy and making her horny and she started to moan and I lip-locked her to stop the sound, inserted my dick slowly. Putting it in and out. We fucked for an hour and  I cummed inside her and she also reached climax. We cleaned ourselves in the bathroom and slept.

I will continue the story in the next part. Please give your support by liking and commenting.


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