Tailor with 4

I am Kishor . I completed Engineering degree course at the age of 21 and after five years of Job in a well reputed industrial organization I got married at the age of 26 with a sweet , attractive Ashu of 22 years of age. She was fair and of good health. She was not fat but healthy and having good amount of flesh at right places. She was 5” 5” tall and weighing about 55 kgs. I was 5’9” and weighing 72 kgs . I was very pleased and excited to see lovely nude figure of my wife . Her boobs were nicely shaped, round and of milky colour. I saw her bra size and it was 34 “ on our Suhag Raat. She was first woman in my life . Though I fondled many girls and women during my college days and there after but I did not see any nude woman before. She cooperated fully and we both had a very satisfying fuck on first night. I had normal size cock of 6” but I found it difficult to penetrate it in her virgin cunt. I enjoyed seeing pain on her face and in her eyes. I was happy to see blood stain on bed sheet. And finally when her pain subsided we both enjoyed fucking. Since it was our first fuck we consented and I ejaculated in her cunt. Whatever may be the reason she did not get pregnant. We did not sleep. We kept talking and fondled each other. Just before down we fucked again and this time she enjoyed like a wild cat. She moaned, shrilled and talked filthy . I enjoyed her each and every world….raja…..jum kad chodo…..majaa…. Aa raha.. Hai… ahhh…choot…ko phaad daalo…….mujhe ..chodte raho…..randi…bana do….aahh….bahut mazaa hai.. Lund.. Mey… …maaro …..jor…jor…se….maaro………haraami….maar daal mujhe…. Matherchod….chod mujhey…jaise tu apni maa ko chodta.. Hai…. Harami …. Itna achha se chodna…. Kaha se sikha ….. Teri… maa ne hi sikhaya hoga …. Saali haraamzaadi.. Kutia… mere gharwaale ka lund khaati hai… ”After second round of fucking she kissed me like a fanatic. After fucking I reminded her about filthy words she said about me & my mother.

But she simply said that she does not remember a word. I was very satisfied to have a virgin and sexy girl as my wife. Eight month passed and it came diwali time. Last eight months we both had good fun both on & off the bed. And to my good luck she slimmed down and looked more sexy and attractive. But due to regular fucking her hips & boobs both became larger and she started wearing bra of 36 “ size. I suggested her many time but she refused to wear panty under saree . Only during travel she used to wear panty under Punjabi dress. As time passed her dress preferences changed and she started wearing more of other dresses than saree. Mine favorite was ‘ghaghra & choli’ and she really used to look very sexy in that ‘ghaghra & choli’ Since it was ‘choli’ she was not wearing bra and down as usual she enjoyed remaining without panty. No problem to me. I was able to fondle her cunt without any hindrance. We were staying in big Industrial township about 60 km away main town. At least once a month we were visiting town market for special marketing and to watch new release movie. It was such one Sunday. We visited town, did some marketing for diwali. We purchased dresses for our self and to my surprises she insisted to buy ‘denim’ for trouser. She said that she want to try’ jeans’. I advised her to buy readymade jeans but she insisted that she wants it to get stitched. I told her that no tailor would stitch any clothes now as all are very pressurized for diwali work. Diwali was on next Saturday. Like a adamant child, she insisted to get ‘jeans’ stitched and that also she wanted to wear jeans on diwali with other new dresses. We purchased ‘denim’ also. There after we had good dinner and watched a late night movie. While returning back home in our car , she suddenly asked me to stop car at a corner. Our township was still about 35 km away. I looked around. Place was sleepy. It was a small market area.

Almost all shops were closed. Aashu took her clothes and got down. I followed her. I looked in my watch, it was 12.30 of night. I was asking her to stop but she entered into a shop having shutter half closed. We bend and entered. It was a tailoring shop. Inside one man with lots of grey hair was seated and stitching. He was alone. He looked at us and said, “ dukan bund ho gaya hai…diwali ke baad aayeeyega (shop is closed., now come after diwali) .” He wanted to say that he has lot of work and can not entertain us before diwali. The man was in late 40’s , of thin structure but wide shoulders and muscular arms. He was wearing a white pajama and white vest over it. Aashu took support of a cutting table. I told her to come out of shop and go home.“master, I know you are busy but I just want you to stitch a ‘jeans’ and top for me. You can do it.” Aashu told him. Tailor again looked at us and said that see the hip of clothes , we are working day and night to complete our commitments….He said that he is sorry, he can not take our clothes and even if takes it would be stitched only after diwali vacation.“master, I have come to you with a great hope. I don’t know any tailor. Please help me , I want to wear ‘jeans’ for first time on diwali day. You can help me…please…” Aashu pleaded.I was getting angry on her insistence. I have purchased other clothes for her to wear on diwali. Tailor looked at Aashu from top to bottom and said, “ma’m , aalog bhee khub hai… jeans ka naap dene ke liye saree pahan kar aayee hai…saree ke upad se trouser ka naap kasise lunga….” He suggested, aap jaao baad mey salwar ya dusra trouser pahan kad aana”. He waived his hands towards us and again got busy in his work. I told Aashu to come out but she has something else in mind..“ Arey Maaster, iss mey kya hai… loo mai saree utad deti hun.” Before I could say any thing , she pulled saree off her body. I looked at her. She wore her favorite pink petticoat and black blouse.

Petticoat was tied at least 3” below naval point . He belly was flat and she had no flabbiness. I was shocked for what she did. She was looking very sexy and I wondered what tailor would think about us . He may think that she is a prostitute. “abb to naap (measurement ) le lo”. She said. Tailor glanced at me and then stared at her . A 23 yr young lady was standing opposite him in a compromising dress. Her swollen breasts were trying to come out of blouse. I could see bulge of breast oozing out from top of the blouse. Tailor looked at her for a minute and said “ aap jaao, kal pajama pahan kar aana … petticoat ke upad se bhee trousers ke liye sahi maap (measurement) nahi le paaungaa.” He again got busy in his work . Then what Aashu did , none of we two male expected. While looking at tailor she untied petticoat and petticoat fell on ground. She stepped out of petticoat. She did not look at me. She looked at tailor and said , “ ab to koi problem nahi hai… ab naap le lo..” She was standing only in blouse in front of tailor. She was standing straight with two feet 12” away from each other. She had not shaven since last week so there were small brown hairs covering her tiny cunt. Though I enjoyed that beautiful body for last eight months I never felt so much excited to see her nude in presence of other man. I got full erection and wanted to fuck her then & there. But before I could do any thing tailor got up .He took a note book and measuring tape and came near to my wife. Like a professional he took measurement of her legs, hips, and even he took measurement by keeping tape over her cunt and taking it along slit to her hip joints. I saw, he did not do not caressed thighs nor he caressed cunt. After taking measurement for jeans he stood up and moved to his seat. “mujhe ek ‘top’ bhee silwana hai…” Aashu said. Tailor

Turned back to her and enquired what type of top she wants. Aashu told him to stitch a ‘top’ which will suit her best. He took out a book from the drawer and for few minutes Aashu and tailor discussed about design and finally they agreed for one. She was nude standing beside him . Her thighs was at few inches distance from her . Tailor stood just opposite to her and began unbuttoning blouse. “ petticoat our saree ke bina blouse achha nahi lagta hai.” . Tailor pulled blouse off her body. Thanks she had a bra but Aashu moved her hands back and unhooked bra. He pulled away bra from her hands. And now my wife was standing totally nude in front of the tailor who was almost of her father’s age. Tailor massaged her breast softly for few time and then he took measurement for top . After noting down measurement in his note book , he kept book and tape aside . And then for few minutes he caressed her boobs . He hands moved down . While squeezing breasts with one hand he squeezed and fingered cunt with other hand. My wife was standing still. Her hands were on her side. She was not making any move to restrict tailor’s movement on her body . She was looking at his movement over her lusty body. It seems she is enjoying it. I also did not intervene nor tried to stop him.In fact I was enjoying my wife being fondled by that tailor. It was not difficult to imagine what is coming next. I was motion less. After about 10 minutes of fondling her cunt and breast he pulled his hands away and within seconds he undressed himself. Though he was thin he has a muscular and strong body . And I heaved a sigh of relieve after seeing his cock. His cock was tight like a hard iron rod but it was even smaller than my limped cock. Tailor’s cock was hardly 4” . When we had entered his shop, shutter was half closed and since then no one went out to shut it fully.

He took Aashu in his arms and pushed her down on the table used for cloth cutting & ironing. There was thick matt over the table and without wasting any time he pushed his cock in my wife’s cunt. I could see his cock penetrating Aashu’s cunt . He pushed one of her legs away and began thrusting over her cunt. I thought that he would discharge in her hot cunt soon but I was wrong. With passage of time his speed increased. Aashu raised her legs to accommodate him more in her cunt and I could see that she was enjoying hard and fast fuck. Now she was moaning loudly. I wondered that how after such a nice satisfying fuck with my 6” long and thick cock she is enjoying fucking with a 4” cock. Till then I was thinking that bigger & thicker the cock, women gets more enjoyment. But, now after seeing her enjoying my opinion changed. Both were sweating but there was no relentless on tailor’s part. He was still fucking at a speed of engine and I enjoyed cock traveling in & out of my wife’s cunt. I kept watching. She caressed his back and pulled his hips on her body. I could see her raising her hips and waist and tailor pushing it down with his hard push. I got tired by watching their fuck and finally I saw his ‘cum’ oozing out of my wife’s cunt. He has discharged inside cunt. Both slowed down. I saw both kissing each other . They were not bothered that husband of the lady getting fucked enjoyed the show, lastly tailor gave a long deep kiss and he pulled off her body. Tailor was first to speak , “ ohhh… bahut badhiaa maal hai…. Itna mazaa pahle kabhee nahi aaya… “ Tailor caressed cunt and said “kitna tight chut hai… mujhe bahut mazaa aaya..” Tailor ne Aashu ko goad mey uthakad puchha “ m’m mujhe to bahut mazaa aaya… aapko mazaa aaya ki nahi. ?” Tailor supported her hips on her hands and she held his neck in her hands.. She pushed her rich boobs on her mouth and asked, “ mai jeans ka ‘trial’ lene kab aaun.” She indirectly

Asked him about next fucking time. Tailor kissed her boobs and slowly made her stand down. He suggested us to come day after tomorrow after 11 nights. He said that by that time he will make every one leave the place and he would be alone to give her trial. Tailor pulled her to him and from back he massaged her boobs and cunt for few more minutes and then said“ ab aap log jaao , bahut late ho gaya hai…police aa jaayegi to muskil hogi.” Then our trance broke. It was almost two of night and I recalled that tailor kept his 4” cock in my wife’s for not less than 30 minutes where as I could never hold inside hot cunt for more than 15 minutes. He helped Aashu to dress and we two came out. In car , Aashu sat beside me . I was speechless. I wanted to scold her and even beat her for her slutness. But she charged me. “why you did not stopped him when he began fondling me? . “ She stared at me “ you enjoyed your wife getting fucked by other .!” I stammered, “but you only undressed yourself …what was the need …?”“I badly wanted that ‘jeans’ and I thought that seeing me nude he would stitch my cloth “ She patted my thighs “but I never wanted to get fucked.” “you also did not opposed him.” ? I questioned. “ I don’t know , He seems to hypnotized me. I don’t know when & how he entered me.” She said and massaged her breast . She continued , “ but It was such a nice fuck. I never had such enjoyment in life before.” She continued, “I was amused to see his small cock but man when he entered and began fucking I thought that my cunt will get torn apart …

His small cock has gave me pleasure to deepest point. I climaxed twice… what a nice fuck it was …he fucked me …. ” She softly squeezed my cock over trousers and said , “ I am sorry kishor dear , I would like to get fucked by him again & again till I die. Now, it is up to you. Either You take me to him whenever I want and I will be your servant . Alternatively, I will leave you and stay with him even as his kept… “ He certainly gave her a deep nice pleasure. In half an hour we reached home and once inside bedroom I undressed her and fucked her mercilessly. But again I could hold inside her only for 7 minutes. I did not want to loose her . I hoped to see her fucked by tailor again. In morning I got up with sound of call bell. I saw her nude in deep sleep. I put on pajama and let maid in. She swiped house and when she came out of bed room she softly scolded me for troubling my wife whole night. How could I say that she is tired not because of my fucking but hard fuck by a 4” cock. I watched my maid ‘Paro’ doing house hold works. She completed her work in about one hour and wanted to go. I requested her to make a tea for me & herself. She went to kitchen. Paro was of my wife’s age, married and mother of a two years old child. She was not so fare but having good strong features , about 5’2” tall and may be about 50-52 kg wt. Most of the time she used to be come in Punjabi dress and while working she used to put her ‘dupatta’ off her shoulders. All these months I was so engrossed in my wife that I never gave any attention to Paro, our maid. But last night has changed me. After seeing my wife enjoying with an unknown person I also thought of tasting other cunt . So I decided to test my luck with Paro. She came back with a tray. She gave me a cup . I insisted her to have one and after lot of persuasion she went in & returned with a glass of tea. We sipped and I stared at her .She became conscious of my gaze. “saab, eise kya dekh rahe hai” she asked with her eyes down. “ Paro, tu bahut mast hai. Mujhe apna yaar banayegi.! “ I enquired whether she would make me her lover. She looked

Up at me shyly and said , “ mazaak kyo kadte hai saab, bhabhi ( my wife ) se jyada sundar aur mast koi hai kya? Aapko duisri aurat ki kya jarurat hai…?” I finished my tea. I kept cup aside and said, “mujhe koi dusri aurat nahi , tu – Paro – chahiye.. Paro , mujhse pyar karegi. “ She knew what I meant by ‘pyar’ . She read in my eyes that I wanted to fuck her . She finished her tea. She got up and came near me to pick up empty cup. She picked up cup and turned to go to kitchen and I held her hand with a jerk. She was not ready for this. Cup fell from her hand .Thanks it fell on my feet so it did not make any crashing sound. “saab kya kadte ho? Bhabhi aa jaayegi…” She tried to get up from my lap . I held her tightly on my lap. I caressed her cheeks and said, “ Paro, tu bahut pyari hai… . “ I lied “ tu jub se ghar mey aayee hai.. Mai tujhe pyar karne ko tarap raha hun,,, “ She looked in my eyes , “saab chhod deejiye .. Mai aapke paon padti hun…. Mujhe jaane deejiye …” And I palmed her breast and squeezed softly . “Ohh Paro …kitna tight hai… apna maal kab kheelaogi .” “abhee jaane do… saab….please jaane do na… “ she whispered. I closed her lips with mine and pushed my hand inside her pajama. My hand was on her cunt. It was wet..and ready to be grilled. She tried to come out of my grip but I kept kissing and palming her cunt. And then she held my head in her hands and kissed me back. I was also afraid that Aashu might come & see us like this . So I released her . But she did not get up from lap. She pressed her hip on my tightening rod and said , “ mai bhabhi ko bolungi ki aapka mard mujhe chodna chahta hai… aur puchungee ki ‘chudwa lu?.” It was very sexy to hear such indecent word from maid. “hai rani kub chudwayegi ? “ I asked . “ himmat hai to abhee chod lo! “ she said and went to my bed room . After about 5 minutes she returned back with my wife who wore a house gown. She came near me and asked me that why I did not woke her up. I replied that as she slept too late I did not felt like disturbing her.

My wife requested Ashu to make tea for her and she went to toilet. Soon after toilet door got closed I went to kitchen and held Paro’s boobs from behind and squeezed. I rubbed my pelvis on her hips. “saab jyada mut ragdo.. Paani nikal jaayega…. “ she said . I gave a hard push on her hip & said , “ rani ab to paani teri chut mey hi giraunga… bol rani kab chodne degi..” I continued caressing her boobs. “abhee chod lo “ she said. Then I heard cracking sound of door and I came out of kitchen. Paro came out with tea for my wife & remained there till she finished. After that Paro left and at door she smiled at me. I felt nice that I could fondle her cunt also. Now it was a matter of time that I will fuck her and for that I thought of sending my wife away for few days. I waited for opportunity. Next morning my wife woke up before Paro came and I could just kiss her . Like other week days I went to office and returned at about 7.30 . By the time we finished dinner it was 10.00 and then I saw my wife changing to nice looking ghaghra choli. I had forgotten that tailor had called her tonight for ‘trial’. I enquired when she told me to get ready. Then she shamelessly said that she has to go to tailor for ‘trial’’. I tried to convince her that I have forgiven her for that day’s fucking and we should forget that tailor. But she insisted and finally she said that if I don’t come with her she would go alone and would never return back. I did not want to lose such a sexy wife. We drove to tailor’s shop and when we reached it was 11.15 night. Shutter was half closed. We entered and like previous night we saw him busy in his work. Seeing us he got up and greeted us. He gave a chair to sit me and took out ‘jeans’ and ‘top’ from a drawer. Though these were stitched but it was not final. He told my wife to try these out. “let me try ‘top’ first.” She Spoke in English. In standing condition she unbuttoned & pulled choli off her body. She had no bra and her milky tight & big boobs were tightly held on her chest. She was looking like a sex goddess. She put on top and tailor helped her to fit it on body. He put some mark on certain points on top and then he told her to try jean. And without waiting for her he pulled off knot of ghaghra and it fell down on floor making her nude. I did not know that in morning she had clean shaved her cunt. Her cunt was looking like that of a very young girl. “ ye to kachhi kali ka chut lagta hai’ tailor caressed cunt and gave jean pant to her . She took support of tailors’ shoulder and put on trousers. Tailor zipped pant and caressed all along her hip area , thighs and cunt area and said that it is perfect. He asked to walk around in room and took her to a trial room having mirror. I also followed her . He made her stood in front of mirror and moved his hand again all over her legs, thighs, pelvis area and turned her about and massaged hips. “mujhe lagta hai ‘top’ thoda tight hai aur jeans ‘chut’ se bilkul chipak gaya hai. “ aashu said. Tailor immediately pushed his hand under top from its bottom and I could make that he has fondled boobs thoroughly. “nahi, bilkul theek hai…bra bhee pahnogi to ye top tumhare upad bahut jamega..”Tailor replied and he pulled his hand out of top . Then he unzipped jean and caressed cunt and again zipped it. “haa, theek kahti ho …chut ke pass thoda loose karma parega… chalo ab utad do…” And in that trial room itself he undressed my wife. She came out nude and walked beside me. He lifted Aashu and made her sit on table with her back pushed to wall. He pushed her two legs away and I saw her cunt getting opened up. I could see clit and even in side of cunt and then he told me to pull down shutter fully. By the time I returned after pulling down shutter his mouth was lost between her thighs on her cunt. Her cunt was fully covered by tailor’s mouth. I could see that his tongue is moving up & down along cunt slit and with every moment of tongue she is jerking her hip.

She pressed his head on her cunt. And moaned loudly. In last eight months before and after fucking I might have given a passing kiss on cunt few time but we never engaged in such type of sucking . Tailor was enjoying taste of my wife’s cunt and wife was certainly enjoying what he was doing with his tongue and lips on her choot. He kissed clit and pushed finger inside cunt. She was moaning continuously …..ahhhhh…now fuck me…. Mujhe chodo…. .” She shouted. Tailor kept sucking her and got himself undressed. Like previous occasion his 4” cock was tight and ready to fuck my wife. He suddenly pulled her legs and in one jerk pushed his cock inside choot. Simultaneously he kissed her and she enjoyed taste of her chut on his tongue and lips. Today I watched time. He penetrated inside her exactly at 11.50 and when I saw semen falling out my wife’s choot it was 12.25 . After sucking her chut for about 10-12 minutes he fucked her for 35 minutes & fucked her like a dog fucked a bitch. I decided to ask him about secret of his stamina. He pulled out after filling her chut. She was breathing heavily and there was an expression of total satisfaction. She remained lie –on table with wide opened legs and tailor caressed her chut. “saab… aap bahut lucky ho ki aapke paas itna mast maal hai… “ Tailor came near me and thanked me for allowing him to fuck my wife.“saab , bhagwan aapka bhala karenge ki itna tight aur mast chut baali gharwali ko mujhe chodne diyaa..” I kept quite . I looked at his cock. It was limped . It was looking like that of a kid. I wondered how my wife enjoyed so much with this small cock. Then tailor took out a thermos and made three glasses. It was some drink. We three had it. Wife got down and she said that she want to urinate. Tailor told her that there is no toilet and she had to urinate in open. Both

Came out nude and pulled up shutter. And I saw my wife urinating in standing pose on the public road. Thanks, no one passed through . After urinating she told tailor that day after tomorrow she will come to take her dresses, he should keep it ready. And she sat in car all nude. I went in & came back with her ghaghra and choli and told her to dress. But she just put dresses on her body and we drove back to our home. On entire way she remained nude and only on seeing passing light of vehicle she just used to cover her boobs. By the time we reached home it was 1.30. Like previous night I again fucked her but there was no response from her side and as a result I could remain in her cunt for longer time. I gave her a ‘alprex ‘ tablet which I used to take in case I was very tired and not getting sleep. In morning I got up at the sound of door bell and saw Aashu in deep sleep. I pulled cover off her body and made her flat on bed so that when Paro comes in she could see fucked cunt of my wife. ….more to follow in part -ii


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