Cleverly Planned Wife Swap Master Plan To Convince Conservative Couple Part VIII

This is real story of a two friends where we exchanged our wife with each other for bit lengthier live in relationship. Usually in swinging/exchanging wife with others, generally people will exchange partner for just a fucking session in just a week end visit or night visit to one of the couples home.

In our case, to make our life spicy and have more thrill and adventure, we have decided to do this for bit longer period of time, where my wife will be with my friend for 2 months and where as his wife will be with me for two months just living as husband and wife. We purposefully decided for this approach to enjoy a complete feel of living with a new partner 24/7 enjoying every aspect of life and not just only sex.

We decided that this will give more excitement and happy as we can spent time with a new partner sexually and non-sexually, like going out, trips, tours, new honey moon etc. It will also open the door for natural bond and relationship with new partner. Moreover we both couple knows each other for longer period and each other like other persons wife so there are not much concerns/issues living with other person for longer time.

Advantage for us is that we are not in home country (India) where we need to be worried about parents and relatives. As we are in Canada, nobody is around to question/suspect us. This becomes as advantage for us.

First thing, I like to tell that this incidents though I term it as story will not be shorter one like many other fiction stories, this will be definitely lengthy as there are lot of things needs to described in detail. This is not a fiction story where in the first paragraph narrates about the beauty of wives and in second paragraph where one couple boldly tells to other couple and instantly they agree and gets into sex in front of each other without any logic and authentic. Last paragraph explains fuck and suck and put end to the story in one pager.

Everybody knows in real life swinging/swapping wife is near impossible thing, and one needs to have a lot of guts to open up this idea to his own spouse and convince her and then finding a polite way to communicate to other friendly couple without being spitted on face. That too with a moderate and conservative couples like us it is big challenge, we are not wild couple going to pub, dance etc. Our wives offer prayers, puja and god fearing.

In our real life, it took complete 2 months time from the date when this idea budded and slowly progressed and reached final stage of making it happen. In this course of journey, there are lot of interesting events, debates, conversations, planning, sentiments, seductions, threats, blackmails, crying, romance, sex happened. So it needs several pages to explain every bit of the detail so this story will be lengthy but truly authentic and surely arouse you like anything, and you will not be able to resist cum/masturbate at least 10 times before you completely read this story.

Events, emotion and planning we had in this wife exchange journey will exceed a thriller movies suspense, Im excited to explain here in this story. I tried to recall every minor discussions, plans, conversations happen in real time and presented it here.

We want to share our experience here with concealing our identity, all the names in this story are not original names. This whole incidents are narrated from both the couples perspective. Ive organized as logical episodes, time to time the story will be narrated by different person. I believe that will be the best way to explain this story as incidents, debates, discussions happen in houses of both couples.

More over our experience can be an FAQ for people interested in swaping wife and planning in future. You will see common challenges and solutions from our experience that you can be benefited from. You will also learn cunning and smart tricks/tips to convince conservative wife to agree for swap.

Kindly apologize if any grammar issues especially tenses

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Without boring further, jumping into the story.

This is Multi Part Story This is Part 8, you will be able to understand story without reading previous parts, still I recommend you to read previous parts before proceeding. In fact all the

parts starting from this part will be of more thrilling

Coming to story

Im Swathi back after long gap of few episodes where Vinod was explaining how he prepped Harini. Today is my turn. Im confident that with my excellent plan and sequence of steps. I can move the drama towards the climax to make Harini to accept it. I rehearsed within my mind about what I should talk, and the possible questions from Harini and my “to be” responses to her.

I know this would be a lengthy day as I need to talk a lot to her and she will also show lot of emotions from her end. I know this is not easy cake walk, this will be bit difficult, but Ill be able to manage it. Again the whole plan is laid in such a way that Im not going to give up my dignity. Plan is so thoughtful that it will never make me appear that Im with lust on her husband. Plan is spinning around situation so there is no room for her to shout against me.

I did average make up, I dont want to show that Im very normal. So I called Harini and said that Ill come to her home today and want to casually meet her. Since Vinod has prepped her that I may call her, she invited to come to her home. Without any further delay I knocked her door at 10 AM with my sad face.

Harini opened the door and greeted me and went to hall. After few minutes of casual “hi, how are you” formalities I slowly started “Harini., Im not sure if you know anything that is happening between me and Rajesh currently. Im not sure how much Rajesh would have told to Vinod about our issues and in turn Vinod told to you”

Harini replied “Swathi, I understand at very high level that there is some issue going on between you and Rajesh, better you itself tell me if you dont have any concern” I responded “Yes Harini, You are very close family level friend where we know each of us for past several months, so I dont have any concern to talking to you” I voluntarily praised that we both are close friends and I continued “Harini, Im coming straight to the matter., Hope you are aware of the concept of swapping their wife/husband with other friend couple ?”

Harini agreed and responded “yes Swathi, recently I came to know from Vinod and I was terribly shocked”

I continued “Yes it is true, 8 of 10 Indian couple does it here and similarly Canadians also do this, I was also highly shocked when I came to know about this first time. I started digesting it and now I completely understand why they do and it started appearing to me normal for me. Even though we know that many are doing this, Me or Rajesh never thought about this in our life. I never thought Rajesh will get this idea”

Harini started paying her sincere attention to me as Im explaining and I responding with her “yes., oh ok., is it” so indicate me that she is really listening to me.

I continued “I dont know when Rajesh started getting this idea, it seems lately he has grown desire on a Canadian girl named Nancy in his office and he has spoken to that girl and that girl also accepted for his proposal, so he wants to swap me with that girls husband named Francis. He opened up this with me few days back. I was completely shocked to hear this from him. I understood the situation and requested him to not to do this and stop thinking about this idea.”

Harini is paying her full attention with the female attitude of being curious to listen to others issues in depth and continuing encouraging me with her “Oh yes, mm” I continued ” Even after my request, he is too adamant in his decision, today is Monday and he wants to start the swinging life from this Friday itself. I begged him, requested him, cried to him, and fought with him. I tried all my weapons in my arsenal, he is not ready to give up”

When I said this I pretended that Im crying a bit. Harini consoled me “Swathi, dont weep. It will be alright, dont worry” and she asked me the question exactly which I know that she will ask.

Harini asked “Ok Swathi, I understand your situation, but in such a situation where he is too adamant in his decision, why you are requesting to him? Why dont you complain about him to your parents or his parents? So that at family level they can scold him and correct him?”

I know she will ask this and I really want to convince her to the core that going to parent is not at all an option for this, so that she should not think of this option when her turn comes.

I responded “Harini, I got your point. I have considered that point, but I finally decided that is a useless option and also a dangerous option based on my personal experience.

See our parents are in old age (at this point I started using “our” so that it is applicable to her), they are in peaceful life believing that their daughter is leading a wonderful life abroad and happy. If they come to know this issue, what is the first thing will happen?”

Harini started thinking and started looking at me, I continued “they will lose their peace, and their happiness and belief on our life will be shattered first. They will feel shame on the situation and they will feel helpless. Bringing shocking news to such aged parents is not good at all, we dont know what could be the consequences. Taking such shock news to them will decrease their life span. If they are going to die in next 10 years instead they will die in next 5 years itself”

From the face of Harini it seems she is agreeing to my philosophy, I continued “I know a couple where that girl complained about this to her parents, and her parents committed suicide after learning this”

My statement bit threatened Harini and she now started realized and agree to my point and she responded ” Yes what you are saying seems to be right. Definitely any parents cannot withstand this shocking news” So by her response Im bit relaxed that she is ruling out the option of complaining to parents. To further strengthen my point, I continued explaining her “Harini, another thing, even if they are bit mentally strong to digest this, they cannot do anything. They are several thousand miles away, they cant just like that come here. More over if they need to come here, our husbands needs to co-operate in visa and paper work, which they will not do”

Harini started agreeing to my every point, I continued “So, only they can call in phone and advice or scold, anyway husbands will not care about this and they will be firm in the decision”

Harini agreed to this point and she throwed the next question which I expected that she will ask “Ok Swathi, I got your point, you dont have the option of complaining to parent. But if you are not going to agree with his idea, he cannot implement his plan right? If he needs to go for swap you should agree to sleep with that Francis right? If you are not going to agree then obviously he dont have choice right? So you can be adamant with your stand right? In such case he will not have option right?”

I smiled with sad expression “Harini, do you think that Ive not thought about this? ” paused for few seconds where she is curiously looking for my justification, I continued “Harini, if Rajesh had selected some Indian couple, what you said may be applicable, because Indians are too sensitive in this, If they want to send their wife to other person, they will ensure that they will get their partner. They will ensure swap is on both sided. Canadians know about Indian culture and also the complexity in convincing Indian house wife, so since they are more liberal, that Nancy and Francis are ok accept Rajesh to enjoy with Nancy even before I agree to sleep with Francis.

So either I agree or not, there is no option to stop Rajesh having sex with Nancy. Situation will go further bad that Nancy, Francis and Rajesh will together plan on how to convince me. They are cultureless people, They will discuss the plan while Rajesh is fucking Nancy and Francis watching this. I feel disgusting to talk these”

I started saying in frustrated and angry tone, Harini joined my feeling and said “oh my god, I never thought this would be this complicate to resolve., I understand the situation now better” I continued “yes Harini, no option left. At a stage I got frustrated on this and started thinking, modesty is something common for both man and women, how long Im alone going to fight for it.

If he is adamant in giving up his modesty, what is the purpose of me arguing on it. So I slowly become weak and started giving up my fighting”

Harini was bit surprised and become curious when I said that “I started giving up” and asked “Oh is it? Giving up? What you have decided”

I know this is the time I should be bit careful, I responded “Yes Harini, It is meaning less to fight and argue continuously while he is adamant. Act of sex with any body ultimately results in pleasure, but we are trying to follow the moral and to enjoy that only with husband, but our husbands are not ready to recognize this, what is the purpose of doing it? So I become frustrated and started giving up the idea of fighting and Im prepared to sleep with other person”

Harini was literally shocked to hear from me that “Im prepared to sleep with other person”

Harini couldnt control her surprise, shock “Oh Swathi, so finally you are going to do this? You are going to sleep with Francis giving up Rajesh to Nancy?”

I replied with bit of weeping to show Im not taking this decision in happy “Harini, yes practically Im out of option now. Im given up and this is not something Im the only person to do this, his whole office is doing that, there is no point to be shame on this. Though Im prepared to swap and sleep with some one, my concern is about the partners Rajesh has selected. If he would have selected Indian couple that would be fine, he without brain selected Canadian couple that is my concern”

Harini was curious about issue in swapping with Canadian couple, I continued “See Harini, Indian couples abide the rules and be responsible. Though they swap their partners, they will be fair in returning their respective other person wife/husband after some time. Indians had to do this as they need to go to India with their wife/husband. Canadians dont care about this, If Nancy likes Rajesh, she will demand to keep him for ever and even she might suggest for Divorce. That part is bit dangerous.”

Harini was listening with shock and I continued “On other hand, Canadian guys are not like Indians, they will have very wild sex desires, they want to try fucking from back and they will call few prostitutes and will try to enjoy group sex by putting me and prostitute together on bed, this is something any Indian girl cannot digest”

Harini was shocked and wondered to see the complexities in swapping with Canadian couple. I continued explaining “So his partner selection is terrible and very bad., if he would have selected an Indian couple I would have agreed to Rajesh by this time”

I started watching Harinis face for her reaction, I dont see any sort of anger feeling with her for my statement, she is on confused/disturbed/shocked state but certainly not angry for that Ive agreed for swap and that too Im ok to swap with Indian couple.

Mm Now is the epicenter of opening the key plan with Harini, I know further this step, it is not going to be cake walk. This is the moment I need to open up the idea with Harini, but politely and situation oriented so that I dont lose my dignity in front of her.

I slowly started “Harini, all these time I was explaining my issue and problem. Im not sure if you know what is happening around you? And Vinod is trying in background? Im certain that Vinod may have not told to you. Ive discovered this from Rajesh and Rajesh insisted to keep within ourself. As you are my close friend I dont want to hide that fact to you”

Harini is completely shocked to my statement and to hear that Vinod is doing something which she is not aware of, she couldnt control her patience and immediately asked” Swathi, what is that, Im shocked and worried. Please dont hide it from me. What Vinod is trying to do??”

I could sense complete disturbance and shock in her eyes and I continued “Harini., I know this news will be shock to you, I came to know this from my husband Rajesh about Vinods plan and Rajesh has requested to keep within me so that I dont disclose to you, because this may create quarrel and conflict between you and Vinod.” Harini is completely broken and highly worried for what Im going to disclose, she impatiently started requesting “Swathi, it is good to know that you dont want to hide., please tell me it to me. It seems my heart and brain will blast in suspense and worry”

Without further keeping her tensed I slowly started “Harini, do you know that Vinod started liking a Canadian girl in his office and he is also in plan of going for swap?”

As soon as I throw this question to Harini, it took atleast 2 minutes for Harini to understand this question in her mind as she is in completely disturbed., she understood it and with shock thrown

10s of questions without giving a gap to answer,

Harini screamed with her questions “What? Vinod is going for swapping? Oh my god he too? How come this happened? How long his intension is going on? Why he has not informed me? How come he will be able to achieve this without letting me know or involving me?”

With ultimate shock Harini started asking dozens of questions without giving a gap to answer? She is in almost shock and slowly her face turned into crying mode and I could see her eyes are getting moist.

I slowly and patiently started explaining her. In reality there is no such plan of either Rajesh is going for swap with Canadian couple or Vinod. Everything is cooked up story so that to pull Harini into a naturally planned trap. So I started building up the fake story as planned and started to justify/answer her questions

“Harini, Vinod is in this plan for a while. Once after Rajesh has decided to go for this, inspired by Rajesh it seems Vinod also got this thought. Timingly one other Canadian girl in his office named Lisa had proposed to Vinod for swap. Everything timed well, so Vinod accepted to that girls proposal”

Harini Interrupted me and asked “But he never told me about this?”

I continued “Yes I know he would not have told you, because he know that it would be difficult to convince you. So he is waiting for Rajesh to successfully start swapping by end of this week. So that next week Vinod will come to you and quote Rajesh and me as example as you know us closely. Quoting us as example he will force you for swap. He is believing that you may accept for this as Me(Swathi) and Rajesh is doing this. That is the only reason he has not opened this matter to you yet.”

I very logically built the reason to make it look very authentic, she ultimately believed this and to strengthen her belief I Interrupted her and said “If you have doubt, just ask Vinod who is Lisa and Charles, he will be shocked to hear those names, because they are the couple he has selected”

Harini is now completely broken, she started weeping and started crying saying “Oh my god, what is my fate? Why all this happening to me? What happiness Ive not given to Vinod, why he is getting such idea? Etc, etc,etc for simplicity Im cut shorting all her cries and her statements”

I convinced her saying “Harini, you are not alone on this emotional rollercoaster. In fact all these questions and worries came to me, Ive experienced this and got slowly recovered. As this is first time you are hearing this news you are terribly shocked. Please believe Ive also encountered the same worries and feeling. Now we both are on same boat”

Harini is slightly ok as she heard that Im also facing the same problem as of her. As she couldnt digest it, she thrown multiple ideas asking, can we stop Rajesh and Vinod doing this by doing this, that, etc. I politely rejected her every idea quoting some valid reason saying that it will not work out.

After few hours of cry, anger and attempt of solutions she became tired and slowly came down and asked me in her tired voice “Swathi, what else we can do now to toggle our problem? What we can do to stop Rajesh and Vinod in doing this?”

Im exactly looking for this, I want her to come down to me to seek for solution. Ive started carefully opening up the core plan, without creating any suspicion in her.

I said “Harini., Yes you are right we both are in same boat. To frankly speak we dont have any major open option to address or come out of this issue. As I said, going to parents, fighting with our husbands, and what so ever, our attempts cannot prevent them having sex with the respective Canadian girls. Similarly if we agree and go with those Canadian guys, they will screw both of us with their wild sex desire, group sex etc. They will be drunkards and we cannot be with them for even a single day”

I paused here and looked at her, she is carefully watching me to see if Im going to bring any golden solution to the problem. I continued “But, we can do something to minimize this impact to greater extent. I have an idea, but you should never think me bad or bringing this idea with lust or wrong intention” I gave a pause here to see Harinis reaction

Harini couldnt understand where Im heading but she said “Swathi, I will not take it wrong, if you would have not told Vinods secret to me, I will be suffered a lot. Since you are trying to help me and as we both are in same problem, I will not take you wrong. Please continue, tell me what we can do to minimize the impact?”

I continued “Ok thanks for understanding, see if we sent our husbands to those Canadian girls, we dont know about those girls behavior or their thought. It is very unsecure. So Im thinking why dont we stop our husbands from going for swap with Canadian couple? And give them an option of swapping just within us? I mean, Rajesh sleeps with you and Vinod will sleep with me? ” I gave a bit pause and said “Please dont mistake me for saying this plan, Im not saying this plan with any lust or desire on your husband. Im proposing this idea with a broader thought to minimize our risk in sending our husbands to Canadian girl”

I gave a pause to watch for Harinis reaction. I noticed that Harini is in complete shock, but definitely not angry with my idea. It seems she is truly believing that I and she are in problem and she believes me that Im proposing this idea without any bad intention. As she is not in anger or fighting mode. I continued building my arguments to strengthen my point and further convince her I continued “See our husbands wants an alternate life of enjoying with a different girl, and they have chosen Canadian girl which is risky for us. We cannot ask them to give up their plan, but we can ask them to bit compromise in their partner selection. I believe they will accept for this. In such case why dont we present our self to them? Advantage for us is that

1. We know both of us each other and we trust each other. I know very well that you will return my husband and similarly you can trust me that Ill return Vinod to you. We can feel secure that our husbands are not in wrong hands

2. Though Rajesh and Vinod are having a crave for alternate sex life, I believe they are not too wild, so we will also be safe In their hands. Both Vinod and Rajesh has good respect on us.

Rajesh will treat you with respect and care for your feelings and concerns and similarly I believe Vinod will also do. So weighing in all these facts, I believe it would be ideal if we swap our husbands within us instead of sending them to unknown Canadian couple.

I continued explaining all the points favoring my thought, from reading her face it appears that she is theoretically agreeing to it, but I see she is practically not convinced of giving her to some other male other than her husband.

Now she started questioning about culture, modesty, shy, shame kind of topics and in summary she questioned how we will be able to face new guy and give us completely to him without shy and guilty. By the directions of her questions and conversation, I could sense that she is slightly coming down from totally going against swap to with concerns on feel, shy, modesty etc.

I again convinced her “Harini, I completely understand your concern of shyness, guilty feeling, giving up modesty to new person. To answer your question, first thing throw off the guilty feeling.

We should only feel guilty if we are cheating our husband, now the situation is our husbands are forcing us into this. So we dont need to worry or feel guilty of what we are doing. We are not doing without their knowledge, more over they are also not preserving their modesty only for us. So throw the guilty feeling out and question about giving up modesty.

Coming to your question of shyness, why we should feel shy? Let us forget that we are married, and let us approach Rajesh and Vinod as if we are just married to them and giving us to them. Did we felt shy when we gave us to Rajesh and Vinod respectively first time after our marriage? Did we felt shame or enjoyed our first sex with them? Let us think this like the same and take it. If we think a lot and stress our self in mind that is not good for our health.

I continued building up and started convincing her for hours with all possible points, as hours and hours of my points, arguments, reasons I could see Harini is slowly melting from the state of frozen butter to room temperature butter.

After a series of weird, cultural, moral questions and concerns about swapping our husbands, now she started her questions towards logistics and her first question was “Ok Swathi, if we do swap and if Im going to be with Rajesh and if you are going to be here, how to handle if our parents call us?”

Im happy to see that now she has started thinking about logistics, so she is now mentally agreed and prepared to go for swap, without showing much excitement or happiness, I said her “No issues, we will manage thru conference calls to pretend that you and Vinod are together and similarly me and rajesh are together”

Harini continued with further series of questions “Swathi, will others will take it wrong? Will this secret be preserved within us for rest of our life?, what if our husbands point out this incident and blame us in future?”

I politely and patiently answered to all her questions and concerns, It appeared that she is convinced with my replies and I could see from her face, she has one more question which she is bit hesitant to ask. I encouraged her to come out if she still has any more questions/doubts.

She slowly hesitantly started “Swathi,. Mm., that is.., mmm” I started wondering what such terrific question she is having in her mind that she is hesitating up to this extent, I further encouraged her to come out openly

She opened her question “Swathi, dont take it wrong, what will the consequence if we become pregnant during these swap days? I mean, any protection we need to do?”

Im ultimately happy that she is now thinking up to this extent. I smiled her and encouraged her not to hesitate asking any such questions and I replied “I understand, that yes we should have some protection, let us take birth control pills regularly as our husbands may not prefer to use condoms, they may want to feel the natural sex”

As I started talking sex, condom, etc etc slowly she also got engaged in this talk and I could see she is completely recovered from the shock she initial had when I opened it. After few more hours of talk, now it appears that her mind is clear now and she had her worries are drained. I thought my purpose of visit today is accomplished completely. It is almost 4 PM now, it is time for me to leave.

At the time I came here this morning, Harini was like a frozen rock butter rock talking things like culture, moral, value system and slowly I melted her without much heat at room temperature to bring her down. Slowly I opened up to Harini that it is time for me to leave

Harini Interrupted and said to me the unexpected one “Swathi, I agree to your plan and thought, but I dont want to give up. Im pretty confident that I can fight with Vinod tonight and ask his idea and I will try to convince him to drop this idea. In case if Vinod accepts my request and drops of his idea, Let us not do this”

I really felt bad when Harini said this, she is being selfish that if Vinod accepts to stop, that she dont want to get into this swap act, in such case she never thought of my situation (though it is virtual). Im bit bounced with her question, but I managed and strongly replied

I replied “Harini, I understand your point, no problem with me, talk to Vinod and if Vinod agrees to stop, then you are lucky and in such case I need to find some other alternate. Alternate for me would be finding some other Indian couple or close friends for this purpose. I have few college friends named Neha and Puja here they are also married, I may need to approach them to execute this plan with them. But I prefer to do with you as we are close friends.

So whatever is your decision, let me know before tomorrow so that I can plan it. I dont have enough time as Rajesh is adamant to close this out by end of this week. Also please bear in mind that if you realize and agree later it would be too late as I would have fixed with some other couple”

I slightly threatened Harini saying that I may find some other couple. As I expected she become panic in a second and replied “Oh Swathi, please dont mistake me, I understand your concern.

Please dont take any decision. Ill confirm before tomorrow morning, until then dont talk to Puja or Neha”

I smiled and agreed to her and left her home, as soon as Im away from her vicinity, I called Vinod and updated my conversation details and insisted that he needs to be adamant. He completely got the point and said that he will do that.

I had an accomplished and achievement kind of feeling and started heading my home. Now rest is with Vinod to tackle this.

Step 6 of Plan “Vinod adamant in his plan”
Im Vinod back.
Swathi called me and updated all the conversation between her and my wife Harini today. I was not surprised that Harini has fallen to the trap and came to agreement with Swathi. Im not surprised because I know the talent of Swathi.

I understood that Harini doesnt want to give up easily and she want to fight with me to stop my idea of going for swap with virtual Canadian couple. I know if Im adamant in my decision she is going to give up her fight and accept to this.

So I went home and knocked the door and Harini opened the door. Harinis face is not like normal, her eyes are moist and red being crying multiple times in the day today. With care, love and affection casually asked her why she is upset and her eyes are red, she without any expression in her face responded “Swathi came today”. I smiled and said “Oh, got it. So hearing to sad situation and story of Swathi, she downloaded her worries on you?” I giggled saying this.

Harini lost her patience over my casual talk and got irritated and she shouted with extreme anger “Vinod, who is Lisa and Francis?”

I pretended that Im caught red hand and expressed shock “oh ha haa, who told this to you???” I started laughing within myself thinking about the fiction characters Lisa and Francis

Harini was shocked and strongly started believing whatever Swathi said about me is true as I reacted as if Ive been caught red hand.

To be authentic, I started shouting to her with anger “So it seems Swathi and came and opened the secret that I and Rajesh alone knows right? I told to Rajesh to not tell to Swathi, that Idiot never listen to me and he opened this to Swathi and she came and revealed it to you”

I confirmed that whatever Swathi told her is right, Harini was shocked to hear this from me. She started crying. Ive not stopped and started scolding Swathi with bad words “That bitch, prostitute doesnt have any sense at all, she dont know manners., I scolded Swathi heavily”

When Swathi told me about this plan and dialogues that In need to scold about her, I really wondered how come she is asking me to use such abusive words against her and Swathi told me that it will physcologically work with Harini. If I scold Swathi much there is possibility that Harini will start liking to agree easily.

Harini was stunned with my abuse on Swathi, and Harini used every possible attempt to stop me, she cried, begged , shouted, requested calmly. I downturned all her request and pretended to be too adamant. All these heat debate and conversations are happening in our bedroom and after some time she become angry and left bedroom and went to hall and sat on sofa and started crying loud.

I really felt bad, I was praying within me “Please darling, I dont have that kind of strong heart to see you crying. I know you have the plan of agreeing in mind, please dont put me in emotional drive. Please accept and give up soon”

She started crying continuously for hours without stopping, if I dont know her inner thoughts and her decisions thru Swathi, I would have given up to her for her crying. Till today I have given respect to her feelings and even I stopped watching porn as she objected. But Now I clearly know that she is made up her mind to accept for this, so I dont want to miss the golden opportunity.

So I pretended to be adamant and never paid attention and never went to her to console her. I was anxiously waiting for her to return to bedroom and give up her stand.

She went out at 7 PM and now it is almost 10.30 PM still she is crying and slowly I could see that she stopped crying and just sitting and thinking. After an hour of serious thinking, she entered bedroom bit in relaxed mode.

She lost her frustration and anger from her face and looked at me and asked me “Vinod, Im asking one final time, with all the love you have on me, can you consider one final time to stop this?”

I know that she is giving her final attempt and I responded my final stability but in a convincing tone. I gently held her hands with love and started speaking “Honey, I love you there is no doubt on that. But this idea is something that I cannot give up. You will also enjoy this, though initially you are thinking bad about it, you are going to love it. So please dont put me in embarrassing situation of saying no to you. Think heart fully, did I ever hurt you past? Did I ever dis honored your feelings? If you remember, Ive even stopped watching porn as you said a single “no”. I respect you that much, so you should understand if Im not ready to stop it now. Im that much determined in going for this.

Please think, will you not going to enjoy touch of other guy? You will also enjoy it and Im not going to think bad about it. So please cheer up and give up your worries”

As I convinced with soft and loving tone, also ensured that I satisfy her ego by very kindly begging to her. She got convinced and came down and said “Ok Vinod, Im accepting to your alternate life style of swapping, but you should compromise a bit on your partner selection. You should select some other partner instead of Canadian couple”

Oh my god, she is exactly landing where I was expected her to land, but without showing excitement, I asked her “Harini, be straight, if you dont like this idea please say on face. Dont try to play dirty trick. Where I will go all of sudden for a new swap couple? Everybody is engaged, the only couple came with proposal for me is Lisa and Francis, I dont know any body else. I think you are using this request to temporarily stop me”

Harini immediately said “No Vinod, Im not playing dirty game. Im serious and I dont want to sleep with Canadian. We should do with some Indian couple so that we will be comfortable.”

She took a pause looking at me and continued “You dont worry about the non-availability of Indian couple, if that is your concern please forget it. We will do with Swathi and Rajesh, Ill talk to Swathi and make this happen”

When she said, I literally thanked Swathi in my mind for such a wonderful master plan, where she made my wife Harini to come and ask me to agree sleeping with Swathi. Wow I said within my mind

“Swathi, you are great and beautiful and intelligent to design such a master plan”

Without expressing any happiness in face, still I acted as I dont trust her words “Harini, I cant believe you are saying this. Just all these time you asked me to stop, now you are talking in such a way that can make it. Please stop playing politics”

Harini got irritated to my words

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Rest of the story is continued in Part 9


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