Rani & Sita with Akhil Embarrasment CFNM

I am continuing the story of Rani and Sita the sisters in the farm house who loved to get me naked for them.

For new readers, read the past happening in the Naked on the River Bed ( part 1 ) and Farm house Naked ( Part 2).

Rani and Sita were both waiting for every opportunity to force me get naked. To their luck their parents left for the neighbouring village and we 3 were alone. I was in the room upstairs. No sooner did they said good bye to their parents, they came in locked the house door and came up to my room.

It was around 7.30 pm and they both barged into my room and found me sitting on the bed with my lungi and banian on. Rani got wild seeing me in this position and shouted “Who asked you to get dressed?”. I was taken back because she was shouting and I did not know that her parents were not there. I asked her to speak softly. But she refused saying they all know what we are upto. So now “Take them off” said Rani.

I was thrilled and worried and looked like I have no other choice than to obey her. So i took of my banian and was slowly acting and waiting. She stared at me and my lungi alternatively showing in her eyes that I have to take my lungi off.

So i remove my lungi through my head and dropped on the bed. Sita took those 2 clothes in her hand. Now I was standing in front of these girls in my underwear. Sita said “Next…”. I was fearing that I will be made naked in no time. But then Rani said “He will cry if he ask him to take it off now”. The word “now” from her mouth made me understand that if not now later i have to get naked. Then sita walked off with the clothes. She made sure not even a towel or kerchief was around. Not even the bed sheets.

Then they asked me to come with my underwear on down stairs and show to their mother. I was getting embarrased and also humiliated to the core. I asked Rani, if her mother knows this and will she think bad etc. To this she replied “Come down”. So i walked down step by step, the sisters escorted me down stairs. I saw no one was at home. Then i Realized they were playing and that their parents were not in house. I had a sigh of relief. But they opened the back yard door and asked me to go out and bring some water near the well. It was dark and hence I have to put a light on. This could let the neighbours watch me. But in the village side this may be taken as normal to take bath in underwear etc. But me being a city brought up it could be suspected. So I asked Rani will any one see me. She said “So what, you are in your underwear”. Then I brought the water it took about 2 mins of myself in the open air in underwear and 2 girls watching me and the neighbours could have seen me as well. The excitement and embarrasment built up hand in hand.

Now Sita said “Why not give him a komanam ( loin cloth)”. Rani nodded and they brought a small hand kerchief and asked me wear the same instead of the undies. I hesitated. I asked for a bigger and longer towel so that it could cover the crotch better by hanging the extra end. Rani said it is possible to give the longer towel but on one condition that I have to go to the next door neighbour and ask them for some drinking water. I said “no way”. Rani became a bit angry and said “If you donot take that option then you will be forced to go naked and ask for some clothes from the neighbours”. I got a bit worried that these girls are going to give me a great hard on. Already i was hard. But if they humiliate me further the hard on may also subside due to fear.

Now I was given the towel and asked to change. I went inside my room to change for which they commented “As if we has something new he is going inside”. I changed and came back. Sita promptly cleared the undies. So i had the loin cloth and I was a bit ashamed now. Neither was I totally naked to think of sex nor was I dressed. This state of undress and commands from the girls and the fear of going to the neighbours house were all giving me a hard on. Rani said “Go now”. I asked who is there in that house and she said ” One elderly lady of 50+ a divorcee and a married lady of mid 30s live there alone”. So i gathered courage and was looking at the road to make sure no one was around. It was a calm and non one was walking in the road. But still I have to cover about 60 feet on the road to get into the neighbours compound. I started and was now walking with loin cloth on the road. I went into their compound and sighed a relief and knocked their door. Due to bushy trees no one from the road could make out my state of undress. But from the farm house Rani and Sita were watching my movements. As I knocked the elderly lady opened the door. THe moment she opened she should have had many things running in her mind. She knew me a bit , but not well. But seeing my attire she must have thought what was wrong. I said ” I need some drinking water and no one is there at home”. She asked me to wait a minute and went inside. She then turned back and asked me to come inside and sit. She went in and asked her daughter ( mid 30s) to get some drinking water. In the mean while she came back and sat as if questioning why this attire for me. Before she could ask i opened up saying ” I was doing meditation and after that i have to take some water and do another part of yoga by which there was no water and hence thought could take your help”. This must have been heard by the lady inside. Her mind must have been anxious to know what attire i was in as she heard that i was in some state of undress. She came out to the hall and asked me if I wanted hot or plain water. Asking me her eyes went to the loin cloth region. I said hot water is better. Then it took a few mins and the old lady started asking whether I was married and where were the 2 girls etc. I lied that the girls must have gone out to watch TV. Then after a few mins the conversation shifted to why i was wearing the loin cloth wrongly. I asked why what is the problem. She said that the style worn by me was not normal method as the 1 end was supposed to hang freely only in the front and not in the back.

I turned back and was acting to pay attention to her advise on the backside. Then she asked if i always wear this way and I nodded. I told her in the city nobody wears this and i learnt only from the movies i saw and may be if she did not mind she can teach me. She immediately called her daughter and asked her to teach me to wear this loin properly. She came and asked me to stand up. I did. She asked me turn around and laughed seeing my back. She lifter the free end on the back which was hanging loose and could see the thin loin cloth getting between my ass crack. She asked me to turn front and said that the front side is also not ok. She lifted the free front and said “It reveals your manhood if you wear like this”.

Then i shyly asked her to help me. She with out hesitation asked me to take off the cloth. I with hesitation was blushing when her mother said “Come on dont feel shy, we are elderly ladies”. Then i took off the cloth and was covering my hard on with my hands. She was folding the cloth and was also eyeing on my crotch area and seeing my hands. She asked me to show my manhood for her to understand how big it is and only then she can adjust the folds. I blushed and took my hands off slowly. She saw and casually commented ” Small one”. She again made another fold on the cloth as if she had expected a bigger one. Then she asked “Is this the maximum it will get or what”. I said will get a little bigger. She put her small finger in half folded style and asked “so much more”. I said “Yes”.

Then she was correcting the cloth and made me wear it. On the front side she cooly took hold of my cock and pressed it downwards and was trying to put the loin, and the cock did not go down fully as it was erect. She asked will it go down or not. I said ” Not when erect”. She then put itupwards towards my body and fixed the loin cloth and adjusted. She was casual in touching my manhood. It was like a fashion show dress designer working with a model. She was cool when she held it in her hand. She again commented after completion ” Quiet a small one”. For this her mother also nodded. Then they said to each other that city bread boys are like that. I out of curiosity and humiliation asked how big was her husbands. The daughter said it was twice as mine. The mother also acknowledged it. May be the elder one has seen her son in laws cock. Looked like that.

Then i asked where is he. She said that he is working in Bombay and will come only once in 3 or 4 months. In the mean while she noticed my precum oozing and coming out of the loin cloth. She asked if i was hard. I said yes. Then she said “Use the girls Rani and Sita for it. They both are longing for men and are virgins to my knowledge”.

I asked if she will relieve me off now. She said it was too small for her and that she is not interested. Then her mother called me and said “Donot worry , i will get you off” Saying this she took off my loin cloth and took hold of my man hood. She squeezed my balls and stroked well. She appeared to be experienced. She was commenting the length was too small to stroke and put her mouth on my cock. She took it all in. She kept sucking for about 3 or4 mins and was tired. She asked why i did not cum. I said even though i am small i am good at control. Then she took it as a challenge to make me cum in another 2 mins and tried her best. But she failed. This posted the challenge to her daughter. She volunteered to make me cum in 3mins and started her job of sucking. God, she was great. I was about to explode but was doing my best to control. But after a minute or so she had the entire cock inside her mouth and could get me the feel of it in a cunt. the sucking was so good. Both herhands were on my balls. I bet no man can withstand her for more than 5mins. That too after so much fore play and excitement since morning, i shot in her mouth. She gulped all in and said ” That i was good in control”.

Then again she put the loin cloth and sent me back with a bottle of water. I reached my farm house.

Both Rani and Sita were now totally in the dark as what had happened inside for so long. They saw that the style of wearing the loin has changed and they got suspicious. They asked what happened and i said the old lady was asking all where abouts and hence took time. They partially believed it. They asked how my loin cloth changed styles. I said when i was alone in their house i untied and tied it better as they were staring at my crotch area.

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More to come in the next part


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