My sweet sister

Hi, this is suresh from ap, India, I am a regular reader of iss and after being a loyal reader for a long time, I want to share my sex experience with my sister kavitha.

First to tell about my self, I am 23 in my final year of degree and with good muscular and well build body and 5′ 10 inches tall. I work out at least two hours a day in gym and very well built and muscular. I notice a lot of times young girls in my town watch out for me and few people even sent unanimous love letters to me.

Coming to my sister, her name is kavita, she is my smallest cousin who is in her higher secondary and 5′ 3″ and white and good 35 28 34 figure. The site of her boobs make any one crazy and along with her ever lasting smile. The story starts like this.

It happened, during one summer afternoon. Both my parents are job holders and I am doing my bachelors. During one day, my sister kavi came to our house and want to prepare for exams. She had some doubts in geometry and she is asking my suggestions to solve problems. We sat on the couch just beside each other. At the time I don’t have any feeling towards my sister. Suddenly, during the problems session, I had got a glimpse of my sister lovely boobs from under her neck. By seeing that I got much tensed and am not able to take my eyes away from that scene. She is doing her work and never noticed me. I some how want to catch them in my hands and press them, I pretended as if am explaining the solution and tried to press her boobs with my elbow. She had no reaction and I continued some more time with encouragement from her. Later on I placed my hands on her shoulder and slowly kept my hand on her right bob and my at that time, my hand is shivering a lot and I some how kept my hand on her boob for some time. There is no rejection from her and she started solving the problem. Now with dare I slowly got hold of her entire right boob in my hand and she is not reacting. And I slowly started massaging and pressing highly her right boob and it is so full in my hands, my dick is like red hot. I enjoyed like that for some time and started squeezing a bit more and still there is no reaction. This gave me more courage and I slowly inserted my hand in her top from above and got hold of my lovely sister boobs and played with them. She started feeling shy and soon I used both my hands and pressed her boobs like any thing and she too didn’t complained. After a while she got up and told that she had to see her friend and left.

My desire to get her increased day by day. As soon as she comes home, and when ever I get a chance I used to press her lovely boobs from behind and she not commented at all. I don’t used to have any dare to proceed from there. This continued for a few days.

One day she came in the evening and my mom is down stairs preparing food and I am on the first floor. Kavita is sitting in a chair and watch TV. I went from her back and started caressing her cheeks and she locked her self, so I didn’t have a chance to pres her boobs. I leaned over her from behind and started slowly rubbing my cock over her back. This continued for a while and my cock became so rock hard, I started slowly jerking from behind. And I am on to much fire. And there is no much response and she is calm and watching TV. I immediately bent over her and kissed on her cheeks and she suddenly twister her head towards me and I felt that she is also hot and horny. This time I again bent over and this time I kissed on her lips just for 5 sec and she too responded this time by opening her mouth a little. And I immediately locked our lips and started tasting our sweet saliva. Oh that kiss is so good.. It’s unforgettable and she suddenly placed her hand on my hard dick from out side which is clearly visible rock hard and I felt a sudden shock of electric current inside me. I immediately switched of the lights and closed the doors and came near her and started kissing passionately and pressing her boobs, her butt , her thighs and she too responded by pulling my face towards her. And she immediately tried to pull down my trouser but not able to. Knowing she want to hold my dick, I loosened my belt and she pulled it down along with my underwear and it stood out like a pole. She got surprised by the size and she started to squeeze with her hand. Then I slowly kissed her placed it near her mouth which she took into her mouth and I am in heaven and I am not able to believe my luck. She started biting with her teeth and I told her it pains and asked her to use her tongue which she learned like a pro.

Then I removed her told and bra and I can see two erect big boobs with pinkish nipples and my dream came true , even in that dark evening. I licked her boobs and her body like any thing and we both did it passionately. Then I pulled down her petticoat and there is only her blue underwear. I can smell the sweat which made me hornier. I pulled down her under wear, but she resisted that some one will come, I told, don’t worry mom is in work down stairs and we will know if some one comes up. Then we went to our store room and placed her on a bed in that room. And there is a candle dim light and I removed her underwear and I could see some lovely bushes that started to grow over there. She tightly locked her thighs. I tried to separate her legs, so that I can see her beautiful heaven. As she is shy and that too with her cousin. She locked her legs strongly and I had to use my muscles to separate her legs and when I separated she lost her control and gave up.

Then I quickly without any delay kept my mouth on her pussy and started licking like any thing. And kavi lay on the bed and enjoying my licking and giving a very little moans. I also became completely naked and went near her and slept on her and I slowly tried to rub my dick on her pussy, and my got she is so warm, my dick started entering her pussy and I am amazed how smoothly it went with out much difficulty and its so warm and this is I am fucking with out any condom. Man those moments are nothing but heaven, my dreams come true and after giving some zerks slowly she became wet with a little louder moan. Then I started increased my speed in her pussy and almost am ready to cum. I am in no way able to remove my dick out of her pussy, but since I don’t want to make her pregnant, I quickly removed out and I bursted like any thing, my cum bursted out and fell on the wall 6 feet away and my sister asked what is it. I told her this is sperm just like you have for women. And we quickly dressed and before she got dressed, I bent and licked her lovely pussy till my heart content, I want to fuck her again, but thought some one will come so, I reluctantly left for that day, but from them onwards we enjoyed every after noon lunch times and we regularly practiced safe sex with condoms.

I will tell you more of my sex experience with my other cousin, but first ur comments…



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